Somebody Kdrama Ending Explained: What Happens To Kim Sum & Seong Yun-O?

The combination of thriller and romance in the Korean psychological drama series “Somebody” results in something that is much less believable than it should be. Kim Sum, the creator of an artificial intelligence chatbot used in a dating app, is at the center of the story, which follows her as she finds love and, after years of dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome, is able to experience such powerful feelings.

However, the tale soon takes a sinister turn. “Somebody” goes on for far longer than is necessary and can get tedious to watch because of this. Maybe fans of the K-drama genre may enjoy “Somebody” more than the average viewer, but for everyone else, it’s a rather average film that’s largely driven by a pointless chase. In this article, we will discuss somebody kdrama ending explained and many more things related to it.

‘Somebody’ Plot Summary

A young woman named Kim Sum is recruited by a man to help rig the lottery machines at his gambling den since she is so skilled with software codes and algorithms, even at a young age. The young woman does so and is compensated handsomely for her efforts; she keeps up this line of work whenever possible, all the while learning as much about computer programming as she can.

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She spends the bulk of time on preparations for the approaching youth programming competition when she displays her work to almost no one’s interest. Kim Sum, uninterested, explains to a woman who wanders up to her stall and inquires what it is that she has created: an artificial intelligence chatting bot whose defining characteristic is to keep track of every text that users type and then delete before sending, and then make suggestions based on this record. When pressed for details, Kim reveals that, by observing users’ responses to one another in the virtual space of a chatroom, she has been able to assign each person a color that represents a distinct set of emotional and character traits.

Kim says she’s decided to give this bot the name “Somebody,” and the woman, who is a programmer herself, comments on what a remarkable thing this is in the software business. After some time has passed, we see that Kim and the woman, Samantha, are both employed by the same business. Samantha, CEO of the marriage agency Spectrum, has released a new dating app called “Somebody,” which is based on Kim’s bot of the same name. After meeting Kim at a programming competition, Samantha took her under her wing and eventually promoted her to chief technology officer at Spectrum.

Kim Sum is a very depressed person since she lives a completely isolated existence while being financially secure and doing the career she has always wanted to do. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s at an early age and has struggled all her life to communicate her feelings appropriately. Kim still spends time every night chatting with the original version of somebody’s chatbot she created in the garage, and they are quite close.

At roughly the same time, the Korean police administration visits Spectrum in search of details about a recent double homicide. Both of the people who committed themselves had been heavy users of the “Somebody” app and had met each other through the service; authorities are now requesting their conversation logs. However, if this data were made public, it would damage Spectrum’s brand and it would be against their policy to reveal any user data related to their program. While Samantha tries to dismiss this new issue, Kim Sum is determined to learn more. somebody kdrama ending explained.

Who Is The Killer Using The ‘Somebody’ App For Murder?

The police had a hunch that the two people involved had not killed each other, but rather had met a third person using the ‘Somebody’ app. Kim uses what she has gleaned from the Spectrum server administrator to narrow in on a small number of ‘Somebody’ accounts she believes may have been used by the murderer. She likes everyone, and while some of them respond right once and start having private conversations with her, it takes a strange turn of events for her to track out the actual murderer.

Suddenly, a stray cat gets struck by a car in the street in front of Kim’s house, and she runs out to try to save the animal. However, her repeated calls to the emergency service go unanswered, so she ultimately chooses to put an end to its suffering herself. She tells the men she’s talking to this, and one of them suggests she put an end to the cat’s life. somebody kdrama ending explained.

As well as revealing that the killer is a guy named Seong Yun-O, this event also serves as the catalyst for the formation of a strong friendship between the two protagonists. After agreeing to meet her, Seong quickly arrives at her apartment and drives her to his workplace. Seong, an architect by profession, meets Kim and develops an interest in her.

Perhaps this is why, unlike the other women he meets through the ‘Somebody’ app, he does not consider killing Kim, and instead offers her a blade that she carries with great care. They both realize they are unique individuals who can truly connect with and understand one another. Kim’s mother painstakingly taught her about facial expressions and emotions until her daughter started to frighten her.

Not understanding the consequences of her actions, little Kim would sometimes try to strangle her mother just to see if she would turn purple. Maybe Seong was also a profoundly lonely person because he grew up in the same environment, with no friends or family around. From here on out, the two characters develop an intense and implausibly lasting romance. somebody kdrama ending explained.

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Somebody Kdrama Ending Explained

Kim and Seong’s planned encounter was set up after the man visited Kim’s house and admitted to her that he had committed numerous killings. Despite this, he had hoped they could continue on as normal and had even told her how much he loved her. Although Kim did not respond immediately, it was likely at this point that her love blossomed into a much-needed realization. She realized that if she didn’t take matters into her own hands, her love might continue to be toxic and would lead her nowhere comfortable or productive.

She anticipates that Young Gi-Eun and the other officers will try to tail her on the day of their meeting in order to get to Seong Yun-O, so she devises a cunning strategy to foil them. She gets in a taxi by herself and heads to the meeting place, which is the future home that Seong is designing for the two of them to share. While waiting, Seong gets a video call from his sweetheart, which turns out to be edited and pre-recorded footage, and Kim quietly approaches him.

At the precise moment when he declares his undying love for Kim over and over again, she stabs him in the head with a sharp wire and then abandons him to die in a pool of his own blood. Mok-Won, who had either used her common sense or her shamanistic powers to foresee this event, drives Kim back to the city after visiting the location she had discovered through a stack of papers. somebody kdrama ending explained.

After being tracked down by Young and the police, Kim is back at her desk at Spectrum, where she and her coworkers are playing a video game and where Kim, for the first time in such a social environment, can be heard laughing out loud after she wins. Kim may have finally experienced the transformation for which she had longed thanks to her encounter with love and the subsequent revelation that it was more hazardous than enjoyable.

To make amends for her own wrongdoing, she comes to terms with the possibility that she, too, may have contributed to Seong’s freedom for so long. Kim may have ended things with her lover on her own because she wanted their personal relationship to remain hidden.

Kim Sum didn’t want anybody else to see the end of their relationship for the same reason she didn’t want to share the beginning of their love. It’s true that this is a very sentimental way of looking at things, but I find “Somebody” to be largely concerned with a kind of romanticism that is both overly simplistic and ultimately unconvincing. somebody kdrama ending explained.

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