Katie Meyer’s Family Sues Stanford For Causing Her Death

The parents of Katie Meyer, a talented soccer goalie who took her own life in the spring of last year, have launched a wrongful death claim against Stanford.

Meyer, 21, was being disciplined at the time of her passing for reportedly spilling coffee on a Stanford football player who was being investigated for allegedly abusing a female soccer player. Meyer’s father claimed that his daughter was defending the little teammate at the moment.

According to the lawsuit, Stanford “negligently and irresponsibly” delivered the formal disciplinary warning to her the night before she passed away, which “included menacing language involving punishments and eventual “removal from the university.”

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Meyer was in a good mood when she FaceTimed her mother, father, and two sisters on the evening of February 28 from her Stanford dorm room. They were organizing her spring break itinerary, which included a stopover at home in Southern California before spending a few days with friends in Mexico.

However, according to Meyer’s parents, Stanford sent her a six-page email that evening informing her of a disciplinary hearing. Meyer was discovered dead in her resident advisor’s apartment the following day. An autopsy conducted on March 3 determined that the death was a suicide.

“According to the lawsuit, Katie experienced an intense stress reaction that immediately resulted in her suicide as a result of Stanford’s after-hours disciplinary charge, as well as the recklessness and manner of subjection to Katie.

“Without any preparation and simply in response to the shocking and extremely upsetting information she heard from Stanford while sequestered in her room without any assistance or services, Katie committed herself.

The charges made in the lawsuit were refuted by Stanford spokesperson Dee Mostofi in a message to multiple media sites. The Stanford community is still mourning Katie’s untimely death, and Mostofi expressed sympathy to her family for the unspeakable suffering that her loss has brought them.

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“However, we vehemently reject any claim that the university is to blame for her passing. We are aware of some of the charges stated in the filing, which are incorrect and deceptive, even if we have not yet seen the formal lawsuit filed by the Meyer family “Mostofi later on.

Meyer, a senior majoring in history and international relations, made two crucial stops in a shootout to help Stanford win the 2019 NCAA title. She was a member of the esteemed 2022 Mayfield Fellows Program, which prepares students to run technological businesses, and she was awaiting admission to Stanford Law School.

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