A 13-Year-Old Girl Is Charged With Killing Another Teen With A Gun

Around 8:00 p.m., police were called to the gunshot on Curtis Street. Takiyah Nelson was shot in the head as she was inside a house with pals when a gun went off. In critical condition, she was transported to LeBonheur, where doctors declared her dead.

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These feelings have been present since Takiyah Nelson’s body was discovered inside the house and shot to death. Helen Wade, her cousin, and I had a phone conversation.

Anyone finding it difficult to function, Everyone, finds it difficult to contain their tears while among each other, Wade stated. We will not be able to purchase Christmas presents. Because she’s gone and it’s unfair, we won’t be able to give her anything for Christmas or do anything with her any longer.

According to detectives, the friends were passing the gun around when it went off. I don’t know a Takiyah who would play with a gun. The Takiyah I know is terrified of that thing and shies away from it. Right now, I don’t understand it. Like, There are so many unresolved issues,” stated Wade. A 13-year-old has now been charged by the police with reckless homicide.

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Officers initially detained one person, but as of Thursday, they were not charged. The origin of the gun is what detectives are trying to ascertain. Takiyah’s family will keep pressing for responsibility while they address this and numerous other issues.

“Parents who permit easy access for their children should be held responsible for this as well. Wade stated, “I think parents should be held accountable because, at the end of the day, kids are kids and they’re interested.

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