John Leonard Net Worth: What Did He Get From Pepsi?

Former Chief Mountain Ranger John Leonard is an American. His most famous case is a $23 million fighter plane he claimed to have been given by the soft drink company Pepsi. On November 17, 2022, Netflix released the first episode of their four-part docuseries Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? featuring John, which catapulted him into the public eye. John Leonard’s wealth in 2022 is estimated to be around $1 million. In this article we will discuss about john leonard net worth and many more things related to him.

John Leonard Early Life

John Leonard’s birth year is 1974 and he was born in Seattle. His background, upbringing, and schooling are shrouded in mystery. We do know that his mother’s name is Linda Leonard, though. When he was young, his parents owned a modest business. According to John’s mother, he has always been a hard worker. The mother of the protagonist in the Netflix original series reveals that her son has cut glass, acted as a paper boy, sold magazines, been a climbing guide, and washed windows. Reports indicate that John attended a local community college in pursuit of a degree in business. He had a penchant for the outdoors and mountain living from an early age.

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John Leonard Career

In February of 1996, John saw a commercial for Pepsi that offered a free Harriet jump jet to anyone who could collect 7 million labels. John began having the beverages sent to his home by the truckload, and he and his family consumed several of them. John later saw a disclaimer that informed consumers they may instead of collecting labels, spend 10 cents on Pepsi Points. This would allow anyone to own a $23 million Harrier jump plane for about $700,000. Then he met the affable and wealthy Todd Hoffman, who was then in his forties.

While on a climbing expedition, he met Hoffman and the two became fast friends. Todd, who initially seemed sceptical of Leonard’s proposal to steal a fighter jet from a soda firm, eventually came around to the notion. Then Hoffman and Leonard watched the commercial’s recorded version. In fact, the two of them stared at the advertisement several times. Meanwhile, Pepsi was only pretending to be serious in the commercial. They even pretended it was all a joke. John, who was then 21 years old, was taken in by the beverage company’s offer of a Harriet Jet for 7 million Pepsi points.

They put in a lot of work and accumulated 7 million points, but were awarded neither a Harriet Jet nor any other reward for their efforts. In an effort to receive the plane he was promised in the ad, Leonard filed a lawsuit against Pepsi. A representative for Peipsi stated in the Netflix show that only Leonard attempted to claim the free jet prize out of millions of people. In 1999, John’s court case was decided against him. His attention then turned solely to his lifelong dream of scaling lofty peaks. Career play a massive role in john leonard net worth as all john leonard net worth is collected from his career.

John Leonard Personal Life

Present day John Leonard has settled down with his wife, Dottie, and their new family. Both his son and daughter are growing up with him and his better half. John and his family have settled in Talkeetna, Alaska. St. Louis, Missouri, is where he met and married his wife. After losing the Pepsi legal struggle, Leonard has decided to devote his time and energy to his family and his passion. Things look good for him and his loved ones. With his personal life everyone is interested in john leonard net worth.

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John Leonard Net Worth

As of the year 2022, John Leonard net worth of approximately $1 million. Working as a mountain ranger has no doubt given him a wealth of knowledge. As a ranger, John’s job was to ensure the safety of hikers and the cleanliness of the mountain. At Denali National Park, Leonard has been both the Acting South District Ranger and a Ranger. He may not have gotten the $23 million plane, but he appears content with his current job. This all is john leonard net worth.

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