After A Hoax Caused The School To Lock Down, 3 George Ranch High School Students Were Arrested

Texas’s Richmond (KTRK) Lamar Consolidated ISD’s George Ranch High School was put on lockdown Thursday afternoon after a potential threat was reported, and three students are now in jail, according to the district. The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office got a call concerning a potential school shooting at at 11:57 on Thursday.

Following the 911 call, officials got in touch with Lamar CISD police, who got to work immediately away.As is customary, the university was immediately put on lockdown, which meant that all entrances from the outside and inside were closed. The nearby middle and junior high schools were given a secure status as a precaution. george ranch high school shooting.

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Approximately 12:03 p.m., according to Lt. Daryl Segura of the Lamar CISD Police Department, the first cops arrived to the school. Officers arrived at the location where the disturbance was reported to be occurring—the auditorium. The area was cleared when authorities peered through because there was no threat.

Law officers searched the campus and went to each building’s door to check them all; they were all locked. Three individuals were detained after the sweep because they had faked a 911 call. According to Segura, these suspects are accused of swatting, making fake complaints, and making terroristic threats.

Sheriff Fagan of Fort Bend County discussed the effects of the fake calls on the neighborhood during a press conference that took place that afternoon. According to Fort Bend County Sheriff Fagan, “doing things like this, it takes away a lot of resources from people who might need them.”

“When I called out my SWAT, several police cops arrived. Not that I’m grumbling about it. I’m dissatisfied because of the bogus call.” The school enhanced police presence all day as a result of the incident on Thursday, and members of the Counseling Response Team were also present to assist anyone who required it.

Principal Heather Patterson of George Ranch High School took a moment in the evening to thank the faculty and security team for their quick action. “Around this structure, every threat—large or small—is handled seriously. For my students, security is my main responsibility “explained, Patterson.

“Within three minutes, lockdown was implemented. My employees gave great responses. Within three minutes, LCISD officers from my security team arrived to make sure we were safe and protected.” I want to provide you an update on the Lockdown that took place on our campus today as part of our commitment to keeping you informed.

Fort Bend Police officials informed Lamar CISD this afternoon that they were headed to George Ranch High School in response to a possible threat that had been reported. The campus immediately entered lockdown as is customary. All of the campus’s exterior and interior doors are shut during lockdown.

Additionally, the status of the junior high and middle schools next door was changed to Secure. While the campus is in Secure mode, the exterior doors are locked but internal operations are unaffected.

Law enforcement personnel were on the area within 30 minutes and assessed that there was no credible threat that was active. Additionally, they were able to locate the origin of the first call(s) and found that it was made by three students, of which two are currently in prison.

We appreciate the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department’s prompt action and assistance, as well as those of our campus and district police officers. Due to today’s interruption, we will have more police officers and members of the Counseling Response Team on campus today to assist staff and students who may need assistance.

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Despite the fact that the threat turned out to be a hoax, we recognise that our staff and students are still dealing with very real emotions, and we always want to look out for one another.

I advise you to use this time to talk to your kids about the repercussions of making offensive comments on social media and phoney emergency calls. Campus management and law police always take seriously any offensive posts or calls, including those made in jest.

I want to stress once more that our top priority is always the safety of our children and employees. At George Ranch High School, we take great pride in the safety culture we’ve created, and we’re dedicated to keeping the school environment safe for all of our students.

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