As The GOP Tries To Move On From Election Claims, Election Deniers Focus On Lake’s loss

After losing to Democrat Katie Hobbs in the run for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake and her supporters have seized on suspicions of election rigging, hampering GOP efforts to move past such accusations following a disastrous midterm election for the party.

Republicans believed that the long-running accusations of a rigged election in 2020 injured their party because the GOP was unable to retake the Senate and now only has a slim chance of doing so in the House, despite favourable political and economic conditions.

However, it also appears that rumours of fraud have taken hold within the party, with former President Trump endorsing Lake’s most recent allegations while reiterating his own regarding 2020.

According to Republican strategist Brian Seitchik, a former member of the Trump campaign, “Kari Lake’s defeat is the most important for Donald Trump in the country.” Seitchik is headquartered in Arizona.

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“The fact that Kari Lake was unable to change the vote in the closest swing state from 2020 is a big disappointment for President Trump,” he continued. “She was a terrific communicator, a great candidate, and was really able to connect with voters.

Furthermore, Lake is by no means the only supporter of Trump to lose an election. Over the weekend, Republican candidates for governor of Pennsylvania Doug Mastriano and governor of Maryland Dan Cox both suffered crushing defeats in their respective races.

Republican candidate for the Senate from Arizona, Blake Masters, lost his contest against incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D). Several election-denying candidates for secretary of state who ran in competitive states including Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan lost their contests farther down the ballot.

Like many of the other contenders, I believe there was an excessive emphasis on the past rather than the future, Seitchik remarked. “Those weak Republicans and independents split against us, and I think they split against Lake and not Hobbs,” said the speaker.

Seitchik is not the only one who feels this way. Republicans from both the party’s mainstream and more conservative wings have publicly stated that it is time to look past 2020 since results started coming in last week.

But as soon as her race was called on Monday, Lake appeared to be doubling down, writing that “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” She had spent the previous week making defamatory remarks about the Maricopa and other Arizona counties’ election agencies.

It’s too early to say, according to Republican strategist Doug Heye, whether the party will actually veer from its current trajectory in the wake of internal Trump complaints. Heye claimed that most of what has transpired in the GOP has “been more of a MyPillow Party than anything else.”

Heye said, “What we don’t know yet is whether there is a shift that comes with that. Because Republicans have criticised Trump in the past and expressed a desire to distance themselves from him before failing to do so,

And it was Republican primary voters in battleground states like Arizona who initially supported Lake and other candidates like her, the majority of whom are ardently conservative and pro-Trump.

“Do we want to win elections or are we going to remain a dogmatic think tank in the Republican Party?” said Republican strategist and former Trump aide David Urban.

In addition, Urban said that future Republican candidates could not be “one size fits all,” pointing out the diversity among states and districts in the nation.

In Pennsylvania, Urban remarked, “Marjorie Taylor Greene could win her district, but she couldn’t win Brian Fitzpatrick’s district.”

But he added, “I think we’re going to lose if we start saying we have to believe these things to be sufficiently MAGA or you’re a RINO.

Many Republicans are directly criticising Trump and his supporters in the wake of Lake’s defeat and other GOP election losses, and they look eager to shift their focus away from talk of 2020. Former Vice President Mike Pence supporter Karrin Taylor Robson, Lake’s GOP primary rival in Arizona, called on Kelli Ward, the party’s state chairwoman, to resign.

In a Monday interview with CNN, outgoing Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) said that voters, especially in competitive areas, “aren’t interested in radicalism,” and outgoing Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) blamed Trump in a Sunday interview.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who is retiring and whose seat was taken over by Democrats, blamed the former president for the election losses and warned that his hold on the party was waning.

According to a Republican perspective, “a catastrophe like we experienced Tuesday night accelerates the pace at which that power wanes,” Toomey said CNN.

Republicans, though, contend that the problems Arizona is having with Trump-backed candidates performing poorly in general elections go much beyond than election fraud.

According to Lorna Romero, a Republican strategist based in Arizona who worked on the late Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) reelection campaign, “If you look at Arizona, this shift has been happening since 2018, with the first Martha McSally loss.” Even though the 2020 election hadn’t yet taken place, it was related to Trump’s comments even though it wasn’t directly related to election denialism.

However, Democrats seized the opportunity presented by the rising number of MAGA candidates this year and made the defence of democracy the central theme of their campaigns.

Kim Rogers, the executive director of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, stated that “the fundamental principles of having a functioning democracy is not a political issue, and it definitely shouldn’t be.”

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Many Republicans and independents who support democracy crossed over to oppose these election sceptics. And I believe that’s also the reason why, when compared to the top of the ticket, our secretaries of state outperformed in each of these states.

In contrast to former elections, Republicans claim they have noticed a shift in the party’s stance toward Trumpism as a whole in the wake of Tuesday’s defeats.

“The more moderate, middle-leaning sections of the party are saying ‘OK, you tried it, it didn’t work, and now we’re losing crucial statewide seats in Arizona,'” Romero said. “This is a different type of intensity than I’ve seen in previous election cycles.”

According to strategists, the topics that the GOP decides to prioritise will ultimately determine its future course.

The majority of the folks you are referring to are motivated by the 2020 presidential race, Urban added. The difference between being a conservative and a RINO depends on whether or not you think the 2020 election was rigged or stolen. And I believe we’ll run into trouble if that remains the standard.

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