A Political Scientist Says That Governor Abbott Can’t Call For An Invasion On Twitter

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, stated on Twitter on Wednesday that Texas was facing “an invasion by Mexican drug cartels and enormous illegal immigration” despite the fact that there had been a record number of unlawful border crossings for several weeks.

You can’t announce the invasion via Twitter, according to Juan Sepulveda, J.D., the Calgaard Distinguished Professor of Practice in Political Science at Trinity University.

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There is a procedure to name it, assign a date to it, and release it in a rather public manner, he said.

The governor also made public a letter to President Biden that he had written, in which he cited a law regarding the federal government’s obligation to defend against invasion. However, Abbott claimed that by not doing so, the states are free to defend their own boundaries.

The governor is “trying to push as far as he can, a very weak case from the state constitution and also invoking the authority for states to be able to claim, if they are being invaded, to be able to kind of take care of themselves,” according to Sepulveda.

Additionally, Abbott requested an expansion of Operation Lone Star in letters to the Texas Department of Safety and the Texas Military Department, as well as to county courts, in order to address “what amounts to an invasion at the southern border.”

However, Sepulveda claimed that Abbott is attempting to boost his political profile for the presidency by reiterating much of what was really contained in earlier executive orders.

One strategy, according to Sepulveda, is to be controversial in some of the acts the president has done, such as his stance on immigration.

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According to him, Abbott just won re-election and is responding to former President Donald Trump’s statement that he will run for another term as well as the increasing focus on Ron DeSantis, another recently elected governor and probable Republican presidential nominee.

Although we believe there is still a long way to go before the next election, Sepulveda declared that voting has already begun. From a legal standpoint, I believe many people would agree that Governor Abbott is experimenting.

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