Company Of Heroes 3: System Requirements, Pre-Orders & Features

Expect an announcement soon on the launch of Company of Heroes 3. We’ve already spent five years on it, so a few more months won’t matter. At first, we only heard about the Italian campaign and its new strategy map reminiscent of Total War, as well as the CoH-development program, which has largely influenced the game’s current design. Along with the release date and some nebulous details about downloadable content for Company of Heroes 3, a recent statement detailed the game’s second campaign, which takes a more typical mission-only approach.

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Company Of Heroes 3 Release Date

The third instalment in the Company of Heroes series will be released on November 17, 2022. The launch platform is Steam for PC.

Company Of Heroes 3 Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for Company of Heroes 3 can be made right now through Steam and the game’s official website. There are two types of pre-release editions: launch and premium, and they can be either physical or digital. The Devil’s Brigade downloadable content pack, which offers ‘legendary’ skins for a number of US units in-game, will be included in both editions, but the premium edition will also include some extra cosmetics and early access to the game’s first expansion when it launches in 2023.

Company Of Heroes 3 System Requirements

Developer Relic Entertainment has released the Company of Heroes 3 system requirements, allowing you plenty of time to prepare your PC for the game.

Company Of Heroes 3 Alpha

Company of Heroes 3: Mission Alpha is the third and final alpha release, and it features a single mission from the North African campaign. Those who participated in the game’s initial pre-alpha or its subsequent multiplayer alpha should have automatic access to the updated build.

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Company Of Heroes 3 Features

Both the Italy and North Africa campaigns can be played independently of one another and at any point in the game’s timeline. While the Italian campaign makes advantage of Relic’s new dynamic strategic layer, the North African campaign sticks to the tried-and-true formula of a story- and mission-focused adventure without any additional mechanics.

At the start, there will be four groups to choose from: the British and Commonwealth troops, the American forces, the German Wehrmacht, and the German Afrika Korps. Battlegroups (which haven’t been completely defined yet) or other in-game references will reflect the forces of other allied nations and the Commonwealth.

Relic has stated it will be releasing specialized customization options for skirmish engagements, which might serve as a springboard for a mod culture if the formal modding capability is introduced. I won’t deny that it has a certain allure. That’s all there is to know about when Company of Heroes 3 will be available. If you’re searching for something to do in the meanwhile, we recommend checking out our guides to the greatest strategy games and top World War II games.

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