Chainsaw Man Chapter 112: When Is The Chapter 112 Release Date?

Tatsunori Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is a popular shonen manga. Fans have shown a lot of enthusiasm for stories like “Chainsaw Man.” The newest manga series, Chainsaw Man, is a huge hit with readers. We’ll fill you in on the details of Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 right here.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 Release Date & Time

Chapter 112 of Chainsaw Man is scheduled for release on November 22nd, 2022 at noon. In that case, make sure you don’t forget about the latest instalment of the Chainsaw Man manga series by keeping this note to yourself.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 Reddit Spoiler

After witnessing her mother’s death at the hands of the Typhoon Devil, Asa Mitaka is an introverted student at Fourth East High School who is trying to find her place in the world. One day, Asa is challenged by a pupil who has made a deal with the Justice Devil to murder her because of her erroneously killing Bucky, the class pet devil. In exchange for Asa killing Chainsaw Man, Yoru the War Demon will unite with her to create a human-demon hybrid.

Yoru wants to get back the Nuclear Weapons Devil that Pochita swallowed, while Asa wants Yoru out of her body. They become fast friends with the gregarious Yoshida and Yuko after enrolling in the school’s Devil Hunter Club together. Denji, meantime, is thriving in his new role as a typical high school student at Fourth East and is making use of his newfound superhero status as the Chainsaw Man to romance the ladies.

Yoshida is apparently assigned to follow him. Denji is introduced to Asa by Yoshida, but she doesn’t buy his story that he’s the Chainsaw Man. Asa later learns that Yuko has made a bargain with the Justice Devil and plans to avenge herself on all of her bullies. When Asa approaches her using Yoru’s abilities, he accidentally slices Yuko into many pieces.

Suddenly, a mysterious student who calls Yuko “little sister” and revives her at Asa’s request turns her into a horrible devil who terrorizes the school, prompting Denji to fight her. Yuko gets away, but the Justice Devil leaves horrible scars on her body.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 Spoiler Release Date

Spoilers for the events of Chapter 112 of Chainsaw Man are not yet available. Three or four days before a movie’s release date, spoilers start appearing online. Places like 4chan and Reddit are good places to look for them. That’s why we’re anticipating the week of November 19, 2022, to be open.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 Raw Scan Release Date

Raw Scans for Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 had not been made available at the time of publication. Three or four days before a book’s official release date, raw scans usually start making the rounds on the internet. They congregate in message boards like 4chan and forums like Reddit. As a result, we anticipate that the week of November 19, 2022 will be available.

Recap of Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 Summary

To pay off his late father’s yakuza debt, Denji, a young man trapped in poverty, becomes a Devil Hunter with the help of Pochita, a dog companion and Chainsaw Devil. To appease the Zombie Devil, the yakuza betray and kill Denji. Pochita makes a deal with the demon Denji in which she will become a hybrid of human and demon if he will only tell her about his dreams.

A government team led by Makima approaches Denji after he slaughters the yakuza and convinces him to join their ranks as one of the Devil Hunters. Denji agrees to work with Power the Blood Fiend and Aki Hayakawa the self-destructive Devil Hunter, and the trio sets off on their mission.

Any favour from Makima will be Denji’s in exchange for his killing the Gun Devil, the perpetrator of the largest murder in human history. A substantial portion of the Division is killed as Denji’s group faces up against a second hybrid, the Katana Man, an enraged yakuza clearly related with the Gun Devil.

A master Devil-hunter named Kishibe, who has reason to fear Makima, instructs Denji and Power, while Aki makes a deal with the Future Devil, who foretells his “awful demise.” As a counterattack, the Division is able to apprehend the Katana Man.

Chainsaw Man Manga Characters

Denji is the series’ main protagonist, and he’s the one whose life is forever altered when he meets a dog like Devil Pochita and develops the ability to transform various parts of his body into chainsaws. Soon after, he enlisted with the government agency Public Safety Devil Hunters, whose mission was to eliminate the Devil. KikunosukeToya lends his talents to the role of Denji’s vocalist.

  • Danji is essentially a human pet thanks to Makima, voiced by TomoriKusunoki, and the enigmatic Chainsaw Man’s female character, who is also the chief of the Public Safety Devil Hunters. She is crafty, bright, manipulative, and a control freak.
  • Public Safety Devil Hunters’ Aki Hayakawa (voiced by Shogo Sakata) works for Makima and has contracts with the Curse devil, the fox devil, and the future devil, the latter of which grants him a glimpse into the future.
  • The female member of Makima’s team, Power, is portrayed by Fairouz Ai and has long black hair and small red horns. As a child, she embraces violence, and as an adult, he is always driven by his own ego and takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others.

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The Hype Regarding The Manga

Every new chapter of Chainsaw Man manga is eagerly anticipated by fans, and the series’ star power ensures that Chainsaw Man will continue to get praise and attention for years to come. Even more so now that anime version of Chainsaw Man has been revealed by Mappa studio. The fans of the Chainsaw Man manga series are beyond ecstatic at this development.


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