Moonlight Season 2: Will There Be Season 2?

We’ve investigated when Season 2 of Moon Knight might be available, and it looks like Marc and Steven might be back for more Marvel shows. What is the status of the second season of Moon Knight? The Fist of Khonshu is dead, or at least inactive in the MCU, but the Moon Knight films have concluded.

Moon Knight, an original Marvel series, had it all: Egyptian gods, dueling avatars, and a talking hippo. While it seems like Marc and Steven have finally found some common ground, the finale hints that they aren’t the only personalities inhabiting Steven’s body. The final episode of Moon Knight showed that Khonshu is eager to exploit this fact, and despite his pledge to relieve Marc and Steven of their duties, he is far from finished with the duo.

To that end, where does the fantasy series’ main cast of Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Khonshu, and the like go from here? Well, we don’t want to blow our own horn, but we’re kind of internet archaeologists, and there’s nothing we like more than delving in the dirt of the web and unearthing secret knowledge, so here’s what we uncovered about a possible Moon Knight season 2 release date. Forewarning: major spoilers ahead!

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Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no set date for the premiere of Moon Knight Season 2. Isaac made it clear that he considers Moon Knight to be a one-off event rather than a series that will continue indefinitely. Even though I was a comic book fanatic as a kid, I had never heard of Moon Knight until now.

During an episode of Actors on Actors, Isaac informed Jared Leto, “I had heard of Morbius, but I had never heard of Moon Knight.” It being a feature film, I can only imagine how difficult the production process was for you. We’re part of a limited run. Yet, Jeremy Slater, the showrunner and producer of Moon Knight, has spoken to Total Film about his plans for the character in the future, including the possibility of the Fist of Khonshu joining the Avengers.

“To tell you the truth, I have no idea. He elaborated, saying that Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel, makes all the important decisions. Honestly, if it were up to me, he’d be one of the Avengers. The decision is not in my hands, but I believe that to be the objective! Given the current state of affairs, it seems unlikely that Moon Knight would return for a second season, but as Feige has stated, anything is possible in the MCU.

The duo of Oscar Isaac and Mohamed Diab teased fans with a TikTok video shot in Cairo, implying that production on Moon Knight Season 2 had begun, but Marvel has yet to confirm the rumors. There’s obviously something wrong with this guy. The problem is, we have no idea what it is.

Moon Knight Season 2 Plot

Marc Spector’s exploits as Moon Knight would most certainly continue in the show’s second season. While the first season focused on the avatar of Khonshu’s struggle against Harrow and his cultists, there are many more directions the series may go in for a second season. We think it would be cool if the next season incorporated the Shadow Knight tale, even if many viewers may be more interested in seeing the masked hero take on Werewolf by Night.

In this story, Randall, Marc’s brother, made a comeback appearance as the deadly Shadow Knight, a villainous parody of Moon Knight who acted as a twisted avatar for Khonshu. Marc’s third ego, the allegedly unscrupulous Jake Lockley, who shot Harrow (Ethan Hawkes), is similarly a loose end.

Neither Marc nor Steven know he exists at the moment, but we doubt that will continue for long. In fact, head writer Jeremy Slater has hinted at exploring the mystery of Jake Lockley in a future episode of Moon Knight. That which is good for the whole must be done. In response to The Direct’s question, “But is he going to be a friend?,” he said.

Does he pose a threat? For whoever assumes leadership, I think those are some very intriguing issues to consider. That’s a promising prospect, whether it’s me or someone else who gets to tell the next Moon Knight story. The plot of this guy’s life is far from over.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Cast

The only member of the Moon Knight cast we don’t expect to see again is Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow. We’ve always had a soft spot for the glass-crushing madman, but it’s hard to imagine Ethan Hawke returning to the role of the Marvel villain after that headshot. That concludes our knowledge about the second season of Moon Knight. We know it’s not much, but we’re not giving up hope. Check out our encyclopedia entries on The Marvels and Marvel’s phase 5 for details on things that will actually occur.

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