Dixon Hints That He Might Run For The GOP Chair In Michigan

(WOOD) GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Tudor Dixon has said that she is thinking about running for Michigan Republican Party chair.

Although she hasn’t yet declared her candidacy, the former gubernatorial candidate tweeted on Saturday night that she was thinking about running after “a number of people” had contacted her and encouraged her to do so.

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Dixon penned, “We must have a united party that concentrates on winning votes and elections. She promised to make an announcement in the upcoming days.

Dixon would join the ranks of disqualified candidates for governor James Craig, a former chief of the Detroit Police Department, and Matt DePerno, a former candidate for attorney general, if she were to enter the race, according to the Detroit News.

The Michigan GOP published a document earlier this week blaming Dixon for the midterm election losses for the party. Dixon then blamed the current Michigan GOP hierarchy.

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“It’s a leadership issue – Ron Weiser, Meshawn Maddock, and Paul Cordes all refuse to accept ownership for their own failings,” Dixon wrote in a tweet. The Michigan GOP convention in February of next year will be where the party chair will be chosen.

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