Lindsay Lohan And Her Sister Aliana Lohan Walk To The “Falling for Christmas” Premiere Holding Hands

Lindsay and Aliana Lohan are inseparable to the extent of the Parent Trap despite not being twins. On Wednesday, the pair of siblings were seen walking out of their hotel in New York City with their family while holding hands. The sisters, who were both dressed in floor-length, flowered gowns, were almost joined at the hip.

The Lohan siblings were on their way to The Paris Theater for a special showing of Lindsay’s Netflix movie Falling for Christmas, which is her long-awaited comeback to romantic comedies after Mean Girls.

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“Can’t wait for everyone to see Falling For Christmas Today,” Aliana wrote beside a photo of the two in front of the theatre on Instagram. and a selfie of the two with the caption, “Oh what a night,” on her Story. The movie is a family affair, just like its debut!

Aliana, 28, wasn’t simply there to support her sister but she also has a part in the movie. She not only sang two songs for the holiday movie but also appeared onscreen with Lindsay, 36, in a supporting role.

In a podcast episode of The Lohdown, Lindsay said that Aliana’s voice is “powerful” and that she is “eager for people to hear” the songs. The Freaky Friday actor said that “working together on set was so much joy.”

For the soundtrack, Lindsay also sang a cover of “Jingle Bell Rock” as a playful homage to her well-known Mean Girls talent show scene.

In the movie Falling for Christmas, Chord Overstreet plays lodge owner Jake and Lindsay plays Sierra, a wealthy heiress with amnesia who falls in love.

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Lindsay revealed in an earlier this month interview with PEOPLE that she wept when the movie ended because she had become “so close with everyone.”

It was almost like a rebirth for her to be back on a romantic comedy film set with Falling for Christmas, she remarked.

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