Journalists Are Outraged By Elon Musk’s Statement That The “Media Elite” Hinder Twitter From Elevating Citizen Journalism”

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, claimed on Friday that the “media elite” will do everything in its power to prevent the site from elevating what it calls “citizen journalism,” and this infuriated established journalists.

The media establishment will do everything possible to prevent that from happening as Twitter pursues its objective of promoting citizen journalism, he tweeted to his 115 million followers.

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Although the oligopoly of the mainstream media on information will continue to exist, Musk predicted that it will become more accurate due to more competition from citizens.

Musk’s most recent tweets on Twitter received a lot of backlashes, with haters attacking him for claiming he intended to challenge elites and for suggesting that his modifications to make the network more democratic will benefit the media.

Condé Nast’s Luke Zaleski responded, “Journalists are citizens.” “The vast majority are men and women from the middle and working classes who are engaged in challenging and crucial jobs. This obscene glutton and bully has possibly the most influence over media influence and money in history. And he is blaming the ‘elites,’ as it were.

Is this a 2009 tweet? Ryan McCarthy for Vox wrote this. We’re back to the democratization gibberish from the early days of social media, almost as if the past 12 years of Twitter and the internet didn’t exist.

The supporter of free speech has stated that he wants to turn Twitter into a leading public forum for exchanging information and ideas, but Musk’s quick succession of platform changes and mass layoffs have infuriated the tech and media institutions. His $8 subscription option for the so-called blue “checkmarks,” which were previously only offered to a select group of well-known public personalities, was possibly his most divisive action.

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The service was, however, banned on Friday after a number of impersonators online generated confusion, including a phoney “LeBron James” account with a blue checkmark that led some people to believe the NBA star had asked the Los Angeles Lakers for a trade. Another instance was when it seemed like Rockstar Games might release a new version of the well-known video game “Grand Theft Auto.”

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