Alex Jones Net Worth: What’s His Worth?

Born on February 11, 1974, Alexander Emerick Jones is a prominent[a] radio host and far-right/alt-right conspiracy theorist in the United States. The Alex Jones Show, which he hosts, airs nationally on the Genesis Communications Network from Austin, Texas (syndicated and internet radio). InfoWars, like Jones’s other sites NewsWars and PrisonPlanet, is devoted to spreading false information and conspiracy theories. Jones has served as a “entry point” for white nationalists and provided a platform for Unite the Right attendee and white supremacist, Nick Fuentes, on his website Banned.

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Alex Jones Early Life

Jones entered this world on February 11, 1974, in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Rokwell. He moved to Austin as a child and grew up there. His dad practises dentistry, and mom stays at home to raise him. In 1993, he completed high school at Austin’s Anderson. He enrolled at Austin Community College but soon left. alex jones net worth.

 Alex Jones Career

He got his start in the industry in Austin in the ’80s hosting a live call-in public access TV programme, and in ’96 he made the transition to radio with a show called ‘The Final Edition’ on KJFK. While running for Congress, Ron Paul was a frequent guest on his show. The readers of the Austin Chronicle voted him “Best Austin Talk Show Host” in 1999, and he finished in a tie with Shannon Burke.

Later that year, KJFK fired him for refusing to broaden his topics and for holding views that made it difficult to sell advertisements. Jones eventually began webcasting his show from his home. Over the years since the release of his first documentary, “America: Destroyed by Design,” in 1998, Alex has produced and released another 20 or so.

In addition to “9-11: Descent Into Tyranny,” published in 2002, he also wrote “The Answer to 1984 Is 1776,” published in 2008. Jones publishes and oversees InfoWars, a website that attracts roughly 10 million unique visitors per month. A number of people have claimed that the site is a fake news outlet that promotes dangerous conspiracies. There was a time when the site was bringing in over $20 million annually in revenue.

Alex Jones Controversies

The Oklahoma City bombing, the moon landing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Obama, Hillary Clinton, white genocide, and vaccinations are just a few of the many divisive issues on which Jones has strong opinions. According to Jones, the United States government was complicit in many terrorist acts. He thinks the World Bank invented climate change so it could tax the world’s economies and gain power.

Former employees began leveling allegations of sexual harassment, anti-black racism, and anti-Semitic behaviour against Jones in February of 2018. Due to concerns over child safety and hate speech, YouTube removed several InfoWars videos in July 2018. By the end of the year, all of Jones’s podcasts had been removed from Stitcher Radio due to harassment complaints, and on August 3, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify had done the same due to policy violations. alex jones net worth.

The Alex Jones Channel and all other InfoWars-affiliated channels were taken down from YouTube. By the end of the week, Vimeo had taken down every video posted by Jones because of their racist and xenophobic undertones. Pinterest, Mailchimp, and LinedIn all terminated his accounts as well.

After Jones publicly insulted CNN anchor Oliver Darcy on Twitter and Periscope, the following month he was permanently banned from both platforms. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play have removed the InfoWars app. Jones can no longer use PayPal for business purposes. As of May of this year (2019), Jones is no longer allowed to use either social media platform. alex jones net worth.

Alex Jones Personal Life

For eight years, from 2007 to 2015, Alex was wed to Kelly Jones. The couple is already the proud parents of three young ones. Kelly Jones filed for sole custody of their children in 2017, citing her ex-erratic husband’s behaviour as the reason why she no longer wanted him to have any contact with their children. His lawyer tried to justify his client’s actions by saying he was “playing a character,” in the same vein as a “performance artist.”

Jones has consistently refuted claims that he acted in any of his shows. Kelly now has sole legal custody, with visitation rights for Jones. In Texas in the month of March 2020, Jones was arrested and charged with DWI. His arrest for driving while intoxicated (a class B misdemeanour) was confirmed by the Travis County jail in Austin. Four hours later, he was released on his own recognisance after being booked. alex jones net worth.

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Alex Jones Net Worth

With a negative net worth of $900 million, Alex Jones is a political extremist and conspiracy theorist on the far right in the United States. The radio talk show “The Alex Jones Show,” which Jones hosts from Austin, Texas and is syndicated nationally, has made Jones a household name. In addition to penning books, he also runs a website where he has made hundreds of millions of dollars from product sales.

He sells everything from “brain pills” to weight loss aids to survival equipment. Jones testified in August 2022 that he was worth no more than $5 million during his defamation trial. During the same trial, a financial forensic expert testified that Jones and his companies were worth between $135 and $270 million. alex jones net worth.

Averaging $53.2 million in annual gross revenue from 2015 through 2022, Jones’ primary company Infowars was exposed during this trial. At trial, the jury decided that Alex must pay $49 million to his victims. A Connecticut jury issued a defamation judgment against Jones in October 2022, awarding $965 million to several Sandy Hook victims.

For years after the Sandy Hook shooting, Jones spread false information that it was a government plot to limit gun rights in the United States. The jury in Connecticut concluded that Jones had used those falsehoods to increase his website’s visitor count and subsequent sales. As part of their verdict, the jury also decided that Alex must cover the plaintiff’s legal costs.

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