Tacoma Cops Charged In A Death Are Put On A List Of Credibility Problems

Washington’s Tacoma (AP) The three Tacoma police officers accused of killing Manuel Ellis in March 2020 were added this month to a roster of law enforcement having trust issues, according to a Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office representative.

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The Brady List, which comprises the charging documents submitted by the state Attorney General’s Office in 2021 and which cite video and eyewitness testimony of the cops beating Ellis before his death, now includes Christopher Burbank, Matthew Collins, and Timothy Rankine.

If those cops are called as witnesses in a criminal trial, the materials will be given to the defence lawyers.

Leslie Cushman, a spokesman for the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability, claimed that the term “Brady officer,” which refers to a 1963 Supreme Court ruling that states that prosecutors cannot hide substantial evidence from defendants, carries a stigma.

They can continue to work and receive promotions, but Cushman claimed that they are not trustworthy in court. Collins and Burbank have entered a not-guilty plea to manslaughter and murder. Manslaughter charges against Rankine have been rejected. Trials for all three are slated to begin in January. They are still on paid leave.

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Following the discovery that a Pierce County deputy had assisted in holding Ellis, the Washington State Patrol assumed control of the incident investigation. The officers were accused by the state attorney general’s office.

Multiple attempts for response from the newspaper were unanswered by a Tacoma Police Department official.

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