CNN Predicts Ron DeSantis Will Be Reelected As Governor Of Florida

According to CNN, Florida’s hard-charging Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, who rose to prominence during the pandemic, will be elected to a second term as governor of the Sunshine State, shifting his attention almost immediately to the year 2024.

After preventing Democrat Charlie Crist from reclaiming his old position, DeSantis gave a speech that evening in which he claimed, “We not only won the election, we have redrawn the political map.”

As confirmation of his ferociously political agenda, the governor hailed his reelection as a “victory for the ages.” DeSantis stated, “We made commitments to the people of Florida and we have kept those promises. “Four years later, the people have spoken with their judgement today. Freedom is a permanent state.

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He claimed that Florida was “where the woke go to die,” “a refuge of rationality when the world went mad,” and “a beacon of optimism that brighter days yet lay ahead.”

After finishing his reelection campaign, he must decide whether to leverage his political success in Florida into a national run for the White House, which might place him in conflict with former President Donald Trump.

The final days of the campaign were already being overshadowed by the DeSantis-Trump cold war before Tuesday. The two hosted competing rallies on different parts of Florida on the final weekend of the midterm elections, with DeSantis supporters insisting the governor didn’t want to go while Trump’s team told CNN his former ally wasn’t invited. Their long-simmering enmity was on full show.

Trump used the moniker “Ron DeSanctimonious” on Saturday in Pennsylvania, which is a sure sign the former president is actively thinking about how to defeat DeSantis in a future primary debate.

DeSantis has generally refrained from discussing his potential presidential run and Trump, but his actions seem to be preparing the basis for one. He has created a fundraising machine that has raised $200 million over the last two years, breaking all previous records for a candidate for governor.

On the campaign trail, DeSantis focused on President Joe Biden and his nationally televised political conflicts rather than on Crist. His campaign has created a number of captivating, expertly made videos and advertisements that are aimed at both Florida voters and his expanding national social media and email following.v

DeSantis, a former Navy lawyer, dressed up as a fighter pilot in one video titled “Top Gov” and discussed “rules of engagement” for “dogfighting” with the “corporate media.” In another, Casey DeSantis, his wife, gave a moving speech on her battle with breast cancer. His final advertisement claimed DeSantis was designed to be a fighter by God.

DeSantis spent the fall campaigning for Republican candidates in competitive races across the nation, often stopping in areas where Trump had also energised voters, in an effort to gauge his electoral popularity outside of Florida.

DeSantis routinely drew larger crowds to his events than any other GOP leader this year who is not named Trump. In the final weeks, DeSantis also made a number of endorsements in crucial contests, including one for Joe O’Dea, the Republican candidate for US Senate in Colorado who had previously stated he wouldn’t support Trump in 2024.

a significant error On his Truth Social blog last month, Trump responded to the endorsement. For DeSantis, election night provided a lot more confidence than it did four years prior, when the Republican had to wait for the results. The closest governor’s election in state history ended with him defeating Democrat Andrew Gillum in a recount.

That result would have significant implications for Florida and DeSantis. DeSantis pushed through a divisive agenda in his first four years in office that included additional abortion restrictions, a vast expansion of school vouchers for private schools, measures to change how schools teach and talk about racism and LGBTQ issues, and a moratorium on coronavirus vaccination mandates.

He organised flights that transported refugees from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, refused to assist the federal government in distributing Covid-19 vaccines for children, and pushed through an abrasively partisan redistricting of the state’s congressional districts that split up a district held by a sitting Black Democrat.

His efforts frequently put him at odds with the Biden administration, but they also constantly brought him to public attention, made him one of the GOP’s most famous elected leaders, and resulted in constant demand from conservative media.

On Tuesday, DeSantis singled out Miami-Dade, which has a large Latino population, and Palm Beach, a Democratic bastion, as two counties that appeared to shift from blue to red.

He said, “I’m honoured to have gained your faith and your backing. DeSantis amassed an unheard-of financial lead against Crist and his $31 million campaign on the way to victory. DeSantis raised $200 million, with donations of $50,000 or more accounting for half of that total.

He also got tens of thousands of smaller contributions from all throughout the nation. Between his two campaign organisations, DeSantis had $66 million remaining as of November 3. CNN was previously informed by sources close to the governor’s team that DeSantis’ political operation has looked into using leftover campaign funds for a federal election.

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After defeating state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried in the primary in late August, Crist found it difficult to attract support. The advent of Hurricane Ian in September, which put an abrupt end to the race and delayed a planned rally and fundraiser with Vice President Biden as well as the only scheduled debate, significantly harmed his candidacy. In a joint event in Fort Myers Beach, Biden did Crist no favours by praising DeSantis’ treatment of Ian.

Crist tried to use DeSantis’ well-known political ambitions as a wedge issue in the contest. In their lone discussion, Crist pressed DeSantis to promise to run for governor a second time for the whole four years. DeSantis opted out. DeSantis described Charlie Crist as “the only worn-out, old donkey I’m seeking to put out to pasture” in a prepared statement that he looked to read off a paper.

DeSantis has pledged to do away with concealed carry licences and “further expand pro-life measures” in a second term, but he hasn’t specified what those would be.

In 2012, DeSantis won his first election to the US House. Although he was twice re-elected, he left office early after winning the Republican candidacy for governor in 2018. In that primary, DeSantis outperformed a candidate with more support from the establishment thanks to Trump’s endorsement.

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