Officer Shot And Killed “No Shoot Zone” Activist Tyree Moorehead In West Baltimore

MARYLAND — According to Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison, a police officer in West Baltimore shot and killed a man with a knife on Sunday.

The “no shot zones” in the city were developed by Tyree Moorehead. He was an activist who painted that message all over Baltimore, from neighborhood to neighborhood and block to block.

In a statement to WJZ, his father, Carlton Moorehead, stated that his son had been slain by a police officer while in the Sandtown-Winchester area.

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Around 3:40 p.m., Harrison reported that Moorehead was assaulting a female on the ground close to the intersection of North Fulton Avenue and West Lafayette Avenue while carrying the knife.

According to Harrison, the officer responded when he saw the man holding the woman at knifepoint after being dispatched to the intersection to look into a complaint of an armed individual. Harrison claimed that the police yelled a warning at the victim before shooting him.

Moorehead was transported in an ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds. He declared, “The female was not seriously hurt, and she was not stabbed.”

Harrison joined Brandon Scott, the mayor of Baltimore, for the press conference. In Baltimore City, Scott declared, “We cannot have people molesting women in the middle of the street in broad daylight.”

Scott claimed that had the officer’s actions not occurred, he might also have been talking about the woman’s tragic death. “We could be discussing a woman who has also lost her life here tonight, but we’re not because of the swift steps that they made,” Scott added.

Harrison mentioned that the inquiry into the shooting has been supported by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. The BPD’s consent decree monitor was also there on Sunday at the shooting location.

Harrison stated the body camera footage would soon be made available to the public. Following the incident, FOP President Mike Mancuso visited the homicide section at police headquarters in downtown Baltimore, according to union officials.

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According to Cristina Mendez of WJZ, police blocked down North Fulton Avenue between West Lanvale and West Mosher streets to safeguard the crime scene.

Around the sizable crime scene, there were numerous patrol cars parked. Moorehead sent out a number of quite detailed no-shoot instructions. Others are standardised.

Baltimore has seen more than 200 of Morehead’s anti-violence messages. In the hopes that the message may stop more violence, they all mark the spot where someone was shot and murdered. A block from one of those zones, an officer shot and killed Moorehead.

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