Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Release Date Status and More Updates

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man is a popular shnen manga. The first volume was released by the Shueisha publishing company in their Weekly Shounen Jump magazine from December 2018 to December 2020, and the second volume will be released in Shonen Jump+ beginning on July 13, 2022. Eleven bound volumes make up the first section. While we wait for the anime to develop, we’ll fill you in on what to expect from the forthcoming fifth episode of Chainsaw Man, which will air on November 9, 2022.

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Based on current information, we may expect to see Episode 5 of Chainsaw Man on November 9, 2022. Currently, we do not have a title for this episode, but we will update this site as soon as we do. On November 2, 2022.2, we saw the premiere of the previous episode. Here are the scheduled release dates for Chainsaw Man:

This is the official release schedule for Episode 5 of Chainsaw Man, which details when you can expect to see the episode show depending on your location.

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Plot

Chainsaw Man 5 has not yet been shown, therefore we don’t know what to expect from its plot. So, to give you an idea of what to expect from the series, we’ve included a brief synopsis below.

After Denji has defeated the Bat Devil, the lone remaining Power is so impressed by his determination that she lets him fondle her breasts. On the other hand, the Leech Devil appears out of nowhere, ripping off Denji’s arm and devouring it. Denji wants to become the Chainsaw Man however, due to his blood loss in the earlier battle, he can only grow a miniature chainsaw on his head.

With his goal in mind, Denji continues to fight Leech and does some damage to him. Nearing exhaustion, Denji is about to give up when Aki emerges, trailing a fox-like creature. At the debriefing, Aki reveals that he used a blood transfusion to successfully reconnect Denji’s limb and that the fox is actually his Fox Devil, with whom he has a binding contract.

Aki then tells Denji that he can get rid of him and Power if he doesn’t follow his rules, but Denji accepts. Since Denji is on board with this plan, Aki has Makima sign off on it so that they can continue living. This, however, means that Power is also based out of Aki’s flat, which is sure to cause confusion. Later that night, greatly to Denji’s delight, Power fulfills her promise to him.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 5?

Crunchyroll is the only regular streaming source for the anime Chainsaw Man. In order to view the series on Crunchyroll, you’ll need to learn Japanese, as it is only available in simulcast, but in Japanese. While you can find Chainsaw Man on other streaming services, you likely won’t be able to see the most recent episodes because they aren’t updated very often. Be aware that not all countries have access to the Chainsaw Man episodes on Crunchyroll.

Is Maxima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? Who Killed Her & Will She Be Back?

Maxima is one of the three main protagonists of the manga and anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, along with Denji and Power. Despite her outlandish appearance, she was actually the series’ primary antagonist by the end of Part 1 of the manga. But did it? In this piece, I’ll be analyzing Chainsaw Man from Makima’s perspective, trying to figure out if the story actually ends with the events of Part 1 or if there’s a chance she’ll return.

The current consensus is that Makima is irretrievably dead. After Denji murdered the “Makima” persona, it was revealed that Makima had actually been the Control Devil the whole time. Of course, the Control Devil is still alive and well in the form of Nayuta, whom Denji is currently rearing so that the series doesn’t introduce yet another Makima-like character.

After Makima’s ultimate showdown with Denji, you’ll get a comprehensive rundown of what happened to her. You are already aware of the events that transpired and the means by which they occurred; thus, we will just provide you with the specifics. In any case, if you don’t know everything already, tread carefully through the content because the post has spoilers galore.

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Release Date

Is Maxima Dead in Chainsaw Man?

Makima and Denji have their final showdown in the final chapters of Manga Part 1. Twenty members of public security hover behind Makima, chains growing at their chests and dragging away to bind them to her. For a few moments, Makima presses her injured palm against Denji’s mouth. Makima pulls the cord from Denji’s breast and gives him a salute before he promptly beheads her.

As Makima’s head is pulled back to her body by the lines of her blood, the head of one of the chained Public Security officers likewise suddenly flies off. As Denji slashes at Makima’s chest with his right arm, she defends his blow with a blow to the face, knocking him back. Denji swings his left arm again, aiming for her face, but misses.

Makima is healing from a chest wound when another shackled Public Security agent is given the injury. As Denji’s lips bleeds, Makima unleashes a flurry of punches, continuously hitting him in the chest until she succeeds in decapitating him. While Denji is about to stomp on her chest, headless Makima kicks him in the jaw, knocking him back.

When Makima’s head reappears, it slams into one of Denji’s arms, destroying it and sends her right arm flying away. She’s prepared to kick Denji again as he prepares to kick her in the face while slicing her in half with a chainsaw. Soon, Denji’s legs and torso will become one, so Makima spins around and smashes a hole through her midsection.

She turns to him and grabs some of the gut that is dripping out of him before kicking him again and cutting through his chest and ripping both of his arms off. Makima holds Denji’s armless body by the handle on his head as she pulls Pochita with her right arm. As she delicately removes Pochita from his body, she tells Denji that she was able to defeat him with with her bare fists and that he wasn’t a chainsaw person.

She wonders how she could have ever convinced Chainsaw Man to completely give up his life, and whether or not she will ever be able to get him back. After Chainsaw Man pours blood into Makima’s face, she tells Denji that he didn’t do it. She goes on to add that Chainsaw Man is a blundering idiot who doesn’t dress or communicate in any way.

She argues that Denji, despite his naivete, has always been singled out as the chainsaw man and that he must die protecting Makima from the chainsaw man. As Maxima stands over Denji, staring at Pochita’s lifeless body, the latter’s head falls to the floor. Denji’s wounds are bleeding profusely, and he is coughing up blood. Now she leaves.

When the body count got too high behind Makima, Denji climbed out from among the dead and put on an enormous police uniform. He walks up to Makima as soon as she notices him and he uses a chainsaw to slash her chest. Maxima, in shock and disbelief, falls to his knees as Denji stands over her, bleeding profusely from her chest.

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Denji tells Makima he’d take Pochita back and is relieved to see her guard down. He takes up Pochita on his knees and explains that what he just did was dangerous and that he has exhausted the blood Power gave him as part of their deal. When Mama, who is now bleeding from her lips and nose, asks how Denji is still alive, Denji explains that Makima was fighting Pochita the entire time and that he has a fuzzy memory of how Pochita was able to stand up.

While Mama is still bleeding, Denji explains to her that the chainsaw he used was forged from Power’s blood and that he then allowed the chainsaw to “go wild” inside of her. When Maxima says, “It’s barely enough to…” Denji adds that he didn’t think he could kill her with such a simple tool. As a van approaches from behind him, Denji joyously announces that Kishibe is on his way to take them away. He then says sorry to Makima before using the chainsaw on her. To stop her from coming back to life, he kills Makima and then eats her.

Who killed Maxima?

As said before, Makima met his end at the hands of Denji. From her point of view, this was particularly ironic because she had conditioned Denji to be her devoted pet from the time they first met. Nonetheless, Denji was taken aback when Makima viciously murdered Power and attempted to live out her fantasy of becoming a member of the Chainsaw Devil, prompting him to strike her down and eat her. This was done out of love, however, as Denji never developed any animosity for Makima despite everything that had transpired.

Will Makima Be Back in Chainsaw Man?

No one knows for sure what will happen with the Chainsaw Man manga at this time. Indeed, Maxima is no longer alive, and instead, the Control Devil has returned as a little girl named Nayuta. If this were the case, Makima’s presence would be superfluous. Maxima did play a significant role in Denji’s life, and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to return, as such occurrences are typical in the world of anime and manga. We still don’t know how strictly Chainsaw Man will adhere to shonen conventions, so we can’t offer you a firm answer. We don’t expect Makima to return at this time, but anything is possible (even if it’s just a flashback).

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man? Is It on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon, or Disney+?

Author Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga ran from 2018 to 2020. It takes place in an universe where human worries give rise to Devils, and the more intense the dread, the more potent the Devil. But there’s also a group of people who call themselves “Devil hunters,” and they’re the ones that actually do a lot of Devil hunting and use Devils for their own ends. Chainsaw Man began in Japan in October 2022, and we’re going to tell you where you can find episodes of this famous anime series online.

Crunchyroll is, outside of Japanese television, your only option for watching Chainsaw Man right now. Although the series is not now available on any major streaming service, that may change in the future; however, we cannot be certain that this will be the case on a global scale. The first three episodes will be available on Crunchyroll for free with advertisements, but the rest will require a paid subscription.

Even though the first season of Chainsaw Man has only just started, the show has already been a hot topic of discussion among otaku communities all over the world. In this piece, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to successfully stream the anime series.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man?

As of the month of November 2022, Chainsaw Man is only available on a single streaming service: Crunchyroll. As the episode’s premiere in Japan, Crunchyroll will upload them with English and additional subtitles (simulcast). Even though Crunchyroll is now a paid subscription service, you may watch the first three episodes of Chainsaw Man without paying anything.

The anime is unfortunately not streamable on any other services unless you happen to be located in certain countries.

Is Chainsaw Man Available on Netflix?

There is no country in the world where you can see Chainsaw Man on Netflix. Due to Netflix’s lack of interest in older anime series, especially those that have previously been licenced by other streaming platforms, neither the dubbed nor subbed version of Chainsaw Man is available on the service. We can assume that this is due to legal restrictions imposed by licencing requirements.

Perhaps it’s upsetting that a major service like Netflix doesn’t offer dubbed episodes of Chainsaw Man for streaming, but we have to presume that this has to do with licencing and distribution rights.

There is no country in the world where you can see Chainsaw Man on Netflix. Due to Netflix’s lack of interest in older anime series, especially those that have previously been licenced by other streaming platforms, neither the dubbed nor subbed version of Chainsaw Man is available on the service. We can assume that this is due to legal restrictions imposed by licencing requirements.

Perhaps it’s upsetting that a major service like Netflix doesn’t offer dubbed episodes of Chainsaw Man for streaming, but we have to presume that this has to do with licencing and distribution rights.

Is Chainsaw Man Available on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll will host the entirety of the Chainsaw Man anime series, dubbed in English. At the time of this writing, all aired episodes are available on Crunchyroll, so we’ll simply have to wait for the rest of them to be added. The dub of the show debuted on October 25th, 2022, and will likewise receive regular updates.

As a result, we recommend Crunchyroll as the best place to view all of the Chainsaw Man episodes.

Is Chainsaw Man Available on Disney+?

As you may already know, Disney+ is generally very conservative when it comes to original content created by other studios, and anime is not just that; it is also direct competition for Disney, who takes pride in its own original animated content, so it is not surprising that Disney+ does not offer any Chainsaw Man content. Furthermore, Disney would never approve of material of this nature.

Disney+, on the other hand, has a large library of Western animated features and even a few anime shows (though the selection is small).

As of December 2021, The Simpsons, one of these animated series, will have aired for 33 seasons. Gravity Falls, The Mighty Ducks, and the Star Wars franchise, which includes the wildly popular The Mandalorian, are a few more animated and live-action shows that may perhaps pique your interest because of their similarities to The Legend of Korra.

Is Chainsaw Man Available on Funimation?

Even if you go to Funimation, you won’t be able to watch Chainsaw Man. It’s odd that the greatest dubbed-anime provider in the US doesn’t provide this series to its customers, but given that Crunchyroll owns the licence to the show, it’s natural that they would want to keep their assets to themselves.

Even if the entirety of Chainsaw Man were accessible to stream, only viewers in certain areas would be able to do so because of Funimation’s regional restrictions and licencing issues. Thankfully, these aren’t issues that would arise during the course of this performance.

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