Police Say That 9 People Were Shot Outside Of A Bar In Philadelphia And Taken To The Hospital

Multiple persons are being sought by authorities after it was alleged that they fired shots into a gathering outside a Philadelphia pub on Saturday night, injuring at least nine people.

The incident happened right before midnight. ET in the Kensington neighbourhood, Philadelphia Police Department First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford announced at a press conference early on Sunday.

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According to Stanford, “several individuals” stepped out of a car and started shooting at people outside before driving off in the car.

According to Stanford, the people “may have seen someone who they intended to shoot at, exited the vehicle, and just started firing at the group of people that were there.” Police are investigating potential motives.

All nine of the victims, who were adults, were taken to a nearby hospital. According to Stanford, two of the injured are in serious condition, while the other seven are in stable condition.

On Saturday night, he claimed, the shooting occurred in a busy neighbourhood that was extensively guarded by police. Officers from a drug task group were conducting an operation farther down the block earlier on Saturday night when they heard the gunshot.

“This city has some brash people that don’t give a damn. Some of them don’t care how many people are here, and they don’t care how many police officers are here, Stanford added. He said that at least 40 pieces of ballistic evidence had been found.

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Police have encouraged individuals in the area to help with any new information after the shooters were observed getting out of a black vehicle. There were several shops close to the shooting location, and it had been a sunny evening with lots of people out on the streets, according to Stanford.

We’ll try to gather video and hopefully be able to acquire some more details, as well as video surveillance that could be able to help us figure out who did this, he added. This is a constantly crowded area.

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