Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Husband: He Is A Pretty low-Key Guy

The future seems bright for U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as she recently announced her engagement. AOC tweeted after discussing the good news with Insider writer Eliza Relman: “It’s accurate! She thanked everyone for their good wishes. There was an outpouring of support for the 32-year-old Democrat from New York, and one user even made a political joke, saying that conservatives are “going to flip” unless the ring is “made of tinfoil.”

Laughing, AOC responded, “Close! There are no byproducts and the gold used is entirely recyclable. You may recall that she is an outspoken advocate for climate change legislation. All right, but who exactly is Riley Roberts, AOC’s fiance? Everyone is curious about the man she will spend the rest of her life with. Now, then, here is the information you require: alexandria ocasio-cortez husband.

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He Is A Pretty low-Key Guy

According to his LinkedIn profile and Cosmopolitan, Riley moved back to Arizona after finishing college and has since been working in the New York City area. He is a web developer for HomeBinder, a startup that makes a home management app for the digital age. Oh! He also helps startups expand through his own consulting firm, Riley UX.

By the way, Riley has been called “charmingly normal.” According to Insider, he often makes the trip from the Bronx to the D.C. apartment he and AOC share so that he may work remotely. Among the many subjects covered in the Netflix documentary Knock Down the House was Riley, who was included in the segment on AOC’s congressional campaign. Riley “has been a really essential partner to AOC,” director Rachel Lears told Insider in 2019; how sweet! alexandria ocasio-cortez husband.

Where Did They Meet?

Riley and AOC had known each other since they were in university. According to the New York Post, the pair first crossed paths while Riley was a student at Boston University, where she majored in both sociology and finance. According to Insider, the couple first met and began dating after arguing at a weekly student town hall called Coffee and Conversations. In the book Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC, AOC’s friend Eric Baker states, “Riley was, for lack of a better description, the s——starter.”

As someone once put it, “Riley is just as brilliant as anyone you’ve ever met, possibly smarter,” but he would intentionally say things to cause conflict. He has been very low-key and unseen in his encouragement of his new fiancée. While he is rarely seen on her social media, he has made a few cameo cameos in significant events in her life, including a couple that have made it onto AOC’s Instagram account. In the style of this one, in which she declared her candidacy for Congress (swipe to see the imposing redhead): alexandria ocasio-cortez husband.

How long Have They Been Together?

Riley and AOC dated during their time at university but split up when they both graduated. However, Riley relocated to New York City, and the couple is now back together again, but for how long is unknown. The wedding and honeymoon indicate that preparations have been proceeding smoothly. alexandria ocasio-cortez husband.

They Got Engaged In April

For a long, AOC and Riley kept their secret. In fact, they got engaged earlier this spring and kept the news under wraps for a while. AOC revealed to Insider that the proposal took place in “my family’s hometown in Puerto Rico.”

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When Are They Tying The Knot?

It’s unclear at this point, which could be because they haven’t decided on a certain date. When asked by Insider about future plans, AOC said, “No future details yet, we’re taking some space to relish this moment before jumping into planning.” alexandria ocasio-cortez husband.

What’s His Net Worth?

Riley’s net worth is unknown, however, he appears to be successful. On the other hand, Riley is the CEO of his own company and earns far more than the average $83,000 that Glassdoor reports for marketing executives. In reality, his pay is probably quite a little greater. alexandria ocasio-cortez husband.

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