Kristie Bezreh Car Accident: Did She Die In A Burlington MA ?

On November 1, 2022, Kristie Bezreh was killed in a car accident and later died from her wounds. In my opinion, this came as a shock. Kristie spent her formative years in the city of Burlington. She received her diploma from Burlington High School in 2009. Later, she and her band performed at Burlington’s Real School of Music and at the BHS Battle of the Bands. The high school years were when she first started taking piano lessons.

After Kristie finished high school, she continued her musical career. Moreover, she continued her education at Framingham State University, where she also played rugby. Remember the Grass People was the name of the band she and her pals formed. On the campus lawn, they strummed guitars. Kristie sang backing vocals and played guitar at their live gigs, where they sang both original material and covers. kristie bezreh car accident.

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She continued to rediscover her passion for music and perform, composing new songs and singing while teaching herself to play the mandolin and banjo. Kristie has recently spent a lot of time with her folk-bluegrass band, Gay Uncle with a Shotgun, where she has a blast playing the banjo and singing. Kristie made advantage of her talents by composing music, getting tattoos, and creating works of wood-burned art for her loved ones.

Kristie first worked with autistic children as a behaviour therapist for Beacon ABA Services and quickly realised she had found her calling. After graduating from high school, she attended Cambridge University and is now a behaviour technician at the Bierman Autism Centers. Kristie completed the requirements for certification by the Behavior Analysis Board and earned a master’s degree (BCBA). She left Bierman in January to take a position as a BCBA at Journey Autism & Behavioral Care Centers. Kristie enjoyed helping people, and she conducted her job with compassion and dedication. kristie bezreh car accident.

Kristie would keep in shape by going roller skating and boxing. In 2018, she helped raise funds for cancer research by competing in the Haymakers for Hope Belles of the Brawl. She trained at BoxSmith in West Roxbury and donated over $7,000 to cancer research as part of her preparation for the fight. She took an early interest in karate and other martial arts when she was young. At a later time, she achieved the rank of second-degree black belt.

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Kristie, the daughter of Kelley Cronin and Steve Bezreh, was married to Steve’s sister, Susan. Thomas and Stacey Bezreh adored her since she was their sister. Sabrina Doyle was her stepsister. Marjorie Cronin cherished her role as Kristie’s grandma despite the fact that she had many other nieces, nephews, and cousins. Kristie’s grandparents, Mitchell and Shirley Bezreh and Gerard Cronin, all passed away before she was born. kristie bezreh car accident.

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