Jane Doe’s Daughter Testifies At The Harvey Weinstein Trial About Seeing Her Mother Meet With Weinstein

Jane Doe #1 stated during her testimony last week at Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial in Los Angeles that her teenage daughter persuaded her to disclose the incident.

Jane Doe #1 claimed that Weinstein raped her in 2013 while she was in Los Angeles on a business trip for the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. Jane Doe #1 was the first witness to testify in the protracted trial. Jane Doe #1 is a European model and actor who, at the time of her alleged assault by Weinstein, was based in Italy.

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She claimed during her testimony that Weinstein, who was practically a stranger at the time of the 2013 incident, unexpectedly showed up at her hotel room, forced his way inside, and then assaulted her sexually. She testified, “He compelled me to do what he demanded.” I was sobbing.

Jane Doe #1 revealed during her tearful three-day testimony that she saw Weinstein at an event when attending the same film festival in 2017 after returning a few years earlier. Her daughter, who was a teenager at the time, had travelled with her to Los Angeles to attend the festival, and she had seen a significant change in her mother’s behaviour while Weinstein was present. She didn’t put the pieces together because she was unaware of her mother’s claimed assault, but subsequently Jane Doe #1 revealed that she had been sexually abused.

The fact that Jane Doe #1’s daughter had also experienced sexual abuse at school adds another element to the narrative. Jane Doe #1 admitted that she had been raped when the daughter told her mother about what had occurred to her, which helped her to comprehend what her daughter was going through. The mother and daughter became close because of their shared trauma, and they agreed to both report their individual events to the police.

About a week after Jane Doe #1’s evidence, the prosecution asked her daughter, who the court is referring to as “Maria C.” to protect her identity, to support her mother’s account.

“My mom suddenly became quite tense throughout the talk, and I saw that she began to focus solely in one area of the room. She kept suggesting, “Let’s go upstairs,” where the food is, after a short while. Let’s move, let’s move.

During her testimony, Maria recalled the 2017 Los Angeles Italia Film Festival encounter her mother had with Weinstein. She claimed to have seen “a man seated and staring right at my mum and I without taking his sight off” in the direction her mother was looking. She said she didn’t know Weinstein at the time, but he was Weinstein.

At a festival dinner, Maria recalled that Weinstein came over to the table she and her mother were seated at. “I saw my mother’s nervousness once more, but this time she didn’t want to leave. This time, she claimed, it was terror. She froze in the heat of the moment. She simply stared into nothing.

Maria responded, “I recall this event very well because the same year at the beginning of fall I was told by my mom that she had been raped by this man,” when deputy D.A. Paul Thompson questioned her about why this particular incident stood out in her memory.

A few months after they had met Weinstein at the Italia festival in 2017, they had a chat in which Jane Doe revealed to her daughter that she had been sexually assaulted. Maria claimed that although her mother initially withheld the name of the suspected attacker from her daughter, she eventually revealed it to be Weinstein.

In her testimony to the jury, Maria said, “I was informed about the identity of the man who assaulted her at the beginning of the first few pieces of the #MeToo movement. She claimed that after learning that it was Weinstein, she looked up the actor on the internet and recognised him as the man her mother had reportedly seen at the festival and seemed to be afraid of.

Weinstein’s attorney Alan Jackson questioned Maria during his cross-examination of her, asking if she had altered any of the events from her initial interviews with the detectives in the case in 2018, including how long Weinstein had stared at her mother, how she knew Weinstein was staring at her, and when her mother revealed Weinstein as her attacker. Jackson remarked, “Your tale is evolving. “What you said in 2018 wasn’t that,”

Maria declared on the witness stand, “My evidence is the truth.” “I never altered my account.”

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Jackson questioned Maria about whether or not she had reported her own sexual assault to the police in September 2017 and why her mother had not brought up her claimed rape while they were at the police station. (Maria had reported her event prior to the #MeToo movement taking off with the publication of Weinstein’s exposés in October 2017; however, her mother did not disclose her incident until shortly after those pieces were published.)

Maria cried as she claimed, “I had the confidence to speak out only because my mom promised me” that she would report the alleged attack to the police, which she eventually did in October 2017, almost four and a half years after Weinstein allegedly sexually assaulted Maria.

It is safe to say that you are quite close,” Jackson said of Maria and her mother’s connection. You adore her a great deal, right? Weinstein’s lawyer enquired.

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