Solo Leveling Anime Release Date: Anime Announcement Was Leaked Ahead Of Time

It has been confirmed that the introduction of Solo Leveling will occur in 2023. Crunchyroll will host the online anime series Solo Leveling. Its English title, Only I Level Up, is a translation of the Korean title. The 3rd of July, 2022, at Anime Expo 2022, it was announced that an anime television series based on the popular video game Solo Leveling would be produced.

On September 24, 2022, during Aniplex Online Fest 2022, an extended teaser trailer was released, reiterating the launch date of 2023. During Anime Convention 2022, Crunchyroll debuted the first PV for their next series, Solo Leveling. Both the author and the artist of the source material have commented on the success of the Solo Leveling anime. Director Shunsuke Nakashige is a part of the Solo Leveling team.

Writing for the show is overseen by Noboru Kimura. Character design is the responsibility of Tomoko Sudo. Soundtrack by “Kingdom,” “Bubble” composer Hiroyuki Sawano. Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, The Seven Deadly Sins, Your Lie in April, and the 86 anime are just a few of the amazing anime TV episodes and movies that have come out of Studio A-1 Pictures.

The opening theme and ending theme songs for Solo Leveling have not been revealed, at least for the anime. D&C Webtoon, the game’s publisher, released a preview for the Solo Leveling OST in late 2021. (official soundtrack). In February of 2022, the members of the K-pop group The Boyz dropped a single titled “Echo” from the original soundtrack.

Fans were intrigued by the OST teaser for Solo: A New Trailer’s Animated Cut because it gives them a glimpse of what the show could look like with full animation. Although the Solo Leveling cast has yet to be revealed, many listeners are crossing their fingers that the voice actor (VA) selected for Sung Jinwoo will have a deep voice. solo leveling anime release date.

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

No official release date for Solo Leveling has been announced by D&C Webtoon, Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Studio A-1 Pictures, or any other entity involved in the making of the anime as of the last update. In any case, it’s been confirmed that an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling will be made. This post will be updated once official confirmation of the news has been received.

Meanwhile, the release date of Solo Leveling Season 1 might be predicted. First episode air dates for anime series are usually set within a year or two of the announcement of production. It seems that the choice to make the Solo Leveling anime was made internally years ago, but the project was not ready to be announced publicly until now.

Production schedules in the anime industry can be decades in the making, therefore the crew and studio working on a certain project may have to keep it quiet for a long period before it is revealed to the public. However, that is when the leakers of anime news will find out about the project from their contacts. solo leveling anime release date.

Since the Solo Leveling anime was confirmed at Anime Expo 2022 (in July 2022), its premiere won’t happen until at least Spring 2023, and more likely Summer 2023, given how long it takes to produce an animated series.

The Solo Leveling Anime Announcement Was Leaked Ahead Of Time

Anime news leakers were on the money before the official announcement: Crunchyroll and Aniplex will be on the anime production committee. Furthermore, reports suggest that Studio A-1 Pictures will serve as the animation studio. GMO Internet, which has registered domains for other A-1 pictures anime adaptations like Sword Art Online, is responsible for the Solo Leveling anime website, solo

(Remember that tracking down the animation studio via domain registrations is impossible.) Additionally, in January of 2022, a source claiming to leak anime news said, “Solo Leveling TV anime under development.” SPY just answered “Yes” when questioned if he was “sure.” SPY has a track record of providing reliable leaks of anime industry information. solo leveling anime release date.

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How Many Episodes Will The Solo-Leveling Anime Have?

Solo Leveling has not yet revealed how many episodes it will have. However, the manhwa comic series (for more information, see the anime/manhwa comparison section below) suggests that the first season will consist of numerous cours. There are typically 10–13 episodes in a “cour,” which is a three-month TV broadcasting block based on the physical seasons.

Since the comic book story arc has concluded, Solo Leveling Season 2 may not be necessary if the first season is adapted in its entirety. Let’s cross our fingers that the Solo Leveling anime is a split-cour anime for the sake of efficiency and quality in the event that this turns out to be the case. For a single anime season, a “split-cour” occurs when airing on television is interrupted for an extended period of time. Part 3 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan and Part 2 of Spy x Family are two recent instances. solo leveling anime release date.

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