Dubai Bling Cast Net Worth: Who Is The Richest Member?

POV: You have finished watching the new reality TV programme Dubai Bling on Netflix in less than a day (is this a personal best record?) and you are now curious about the cast’s net worth in light of all the bling and glamour that we have witnessed on screen. The following is a rundown of the cast members’ combined wealth, in case you were wondering whether or not they could afford that pink Bentley or that extravagant wedding. dubai bling cast net worth.

Dubai Bling Cast Net Worth

Dubai Bling cast: Ebraheem Al Samadi

Since Ebraheem Al Samadi, who was born in Kuwait and raised in the United States, is the Chief Executive Officer of Forever Rose London and Forever Rose Café, there is no question that he is the wealthiest cast member on Dubai Bling. Arabian Business reports that Ebraheem has stated that he has a net worth that is greater than $50 million (Dhs183 million). dubai bling cast net worth.

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Dubai Bling cast: Safa Siddiqui

The Iraqi-British Safa Siddiqui, who is married to the businessman Fahad, is said to have a net worth of $1.5 million and an annual salary of approximately $40,000 (Dhs146,919), according to reports (Dhs5 million). A minute of silence for Safa’s opulent closet, which has been occupying our thoughts for free since since the first episode of the season aired. dubai bling cast net worth.

Dubai Bling cast: Loujain Adada

The socialite makes an estimated $15,000 (Dhs55,095) to $30,000 (Dhs110,190) annually, which takes her cumulative net worth to $3.8 million. This is in addition to the $10 million-worth wedding that Loujain Adada and her late spouse Walid Juffali had (Dhs13 million).

Dubai Bling cast: Lojain Omran

It has been speculated that the well-known Saudi Arabian television presenter and internet personality has a net worth that ranges anywhere from $1 million (Dhs3.6 million) to $5 million (Dhs18.3 million). Since she is also prepared to launch her acting career, there is no question in our minds that Lojain’s net worth will continue to increase from this point forward. dubai bling cast net worth.

Dubai Bling cast: Zeina Khoury

Zeina Khoury, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate Brokers, received her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Banking and Finance from Notre Dame University – Louaize in Lebanon. This degree enabled her to pursue a career in the real estate industry. It is currently believed that her wealth is in the range of $310,000. (Dhs1 million).

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Dubai Bling cast: Farhana Bodi

It is safe to claim that the topic of Farhana Bodi’s net worth was discussed in a “specific” episode of the show, which is why we are already familiar with it. There are reports that the Instagram influencer has a net worth that ranges from $1.3 million (Dhs4.7 million) to $3.4 million. The influencer has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram (Dhs12.4 million).

Dubai Bling cast: DJ Bliss

Alongside his wife, Danya Mohammed, Emirati DJ Marwan Al Awadhi, better known by his stage as DJ Bliss, has joined the cast of the reality programme. His wealth is estimated to be roughly 1.73 million dollars at the moment (Dhs6.3 million).

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