Luke Bell Cause Of Death: Family Was Made Available After The “Where Ya Been?

According to ABC 9 KGUN Tucson, the accidental fentanyl overdose that killed country musician Luke Bell was the cause of death.

At the age of 32, Bell was discovered dead on August 29 in Tucson, Arizona, nine days after he had gone missing. On the day his body was discovered, Bell’s friend and fellow artist Matt Kinman posted a confirmation of his passing on the site Saving Country Music. luke bell cause of death.

What Is The Cause Of Luke Bell  Death?

According to the Pima County Medical Examiner’s postmortem report, Bell had arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease and a blood alcohol level of 0.076 when he passed away, according to the U.S. Sun. Arteriosclerosis is a disorder that happens when arteries are thick and rigid, sometimes limiting blood flow to the organs and tissues, according to the Mayo Clinic.

According to Saving Country Music, Kinman and Bell recently worked together on live streams and performances.

“We traveled to Arizona to work and perform music, but he just went gone. He was in the truck’s bed, Kinman told the publication. “I entered to purchase a meal. When I emerged, he had already exited the truck and was gone. luke bell cause of death.

Bell, the vocalist of “The Bullfighter,” was born on January 27, 1990, in Lexington, Kentucky, and raised in Cody, Wyoming. He established himself as a musician in Austin, Texas, New Orleans, and Nashville.

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A Message From Bell’s Family Was Made Available After The “Where Ya Been?

“We are devastated by the loss of our cherished son, brother, and friend. Luke was lucky to share his musical talent with us and the rest of the world. He also had a kind heart and a wandering spirit. “We are so appreciative of Luke’s friends and followers for supporting him and his music. We appreciate all of Luke’s admirers, close friends, and relatives who have shared their memories of good times spent with him through stories and pictures.luke bell cause of death.

“Unfortunately, Luke had a mental ailment that worsened after his father passed away in 2015. Luke’s supportive family and friends helped him get through his illness. Despite this, he was unable to get the assistance he required to relieve his suffering. Our thoughts and prayers are with the millions of people suffering from mental illness who, like us, are aware of the heartbreaking disappointment caused by a system that repeatedly fails to offer supportive answers to those who are in need.

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Bell played at the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio, California, the same year she launched her 10-song, self-titled album. He already discussed his beginnings and musical philosophy with The Times.

He claimed, “I was listening to artists like John Prine, and after spending a few years in Austin, I got into the Texas Tornadoes and that culture. I next travelled to New Orleans. I barely spent around six months there. I was residing in a mouldy trailer in the Lower Ninth Ward that smelled like chlorine. It was difficult. luke bell cause of death.

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