With over 13.4 million copies sold, Elden Ring keeps gaining new followers every day. The next action role-playing game from FromSoftware has been a mainstay in the Steam top 10 since its release in February, and it’s hard to imagine a more deserving Game of the Year contender.

Despite the fact that many players have gone back to the game multiple times (there are 6 endings, after all), the majority of the community is eager to see what the developer accomplishes with the game in the future, particularly in terms of extra post-launch content. Elden ring dlc release date and many more things.

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Will Elden Ring Have DLC?

Both FromSoftware and the game’s publisher, Bandai Namco, have avoided providing any firm details about the game’s future. However, FromSoftware has previously released downloadable content for their games. A large amount of post-release support and content upgrades were made available for Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

There have also been hints in press releases, such as a comment from Yasuo Miyakawa, president and chief executive officer of Bandai Namco Entertainment, who discusses “growing the brand beyond the game itself.” Clearly Bandai Namco is aware that they need to make money off of a game as big as Elden Ring, and one of the most obvious ways to do so is through post-launch additions. elden ring dlc release date.

Elden Ring DLC Release Date

As of this writing, neither the publisher nor the developer have confirmed the existence of any Elden Ring downloadable content, making it extremely difficult to predict when, if ever, such content may be made available to players. The first DLC update for the game has yet to be announced, but based on FromSoftware’s previous DLC efforts, we can offer fans a ballpark release window.

The above table shows that FromSoftware often releases downloadable content within a year after a game’s release. There is no hard and fast rule, but we doubt the publisher will want to miss out on the game’s meteoric rise to fame in 2022 by making players wait more than a year for downloadable content. Let’s only pray there won’t be a repeat of what happened with Demon’s Souls, which never received any downloadable content after its initial release. elden ring dlc release date.

How Many DLC’s Will Elden Ring Have?

Since FromSoftware games typically don’t have a predetermined quantity of DLC drops, that’s a tough topic to answer. When it comes to downloadable content, Dark Souls 1 had one release, Dark Souls 2 had two, and Dark Souls 3 had three. It is unknown how much content was generated for Bloodborne, despite the fact that players are constantly discovering new monsters and bosses through the game’s chalice dungeons years after its debut.

The free DLC for Sekiro was quite small compared to previous updates for games developed by FromSoftware. This makes an accurate prediction difficult. We’d like to believe that Bandai Namco will dump crates of cash on FromSoftware to keep the party going with more and more content, but it’s anyone’s guess how much they’ll want to add to the game. We predict that the game will receive at least two downloadable content updates. elden ring dlc release date.

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Elden Ring DLC Speculation & Ideas

Speculation Idea 1 – The Divine Towers Mystery Cloud

Some observers have noted that, on the Elden Ring map, all the Divine Towers seem to converge at a single point. Unlike one might expect, the Erdree is not the focal point of these Tower sites, but rather a strange shrouded spot in the middle of an ocean. Some people have speculated that this must imply something, and that this area would be revealed as a new DLC place to explore; however, the reason for this is now unknown. Likewise, it’s likely to be on the smaller side (at least in comparison to the rest of the game), so whatever’s hiding in here better be worth the effort. elden ring dlc release date.

Speculation Idea 2 – Miquella’s Egg

Boss in Elden Ring, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is a twin with her brother Miquella. Malenia refers to the demigod sibling as “the most terrifying Empyrean of them,” yet he is never actually seen in the game. The same is true of our claim that we never see him; nonetheless, he is visible at all times. Mohg, Lord of Blood, is another boss in Elden Ring, and according to the game’s lore, he kidnapped Miquella.

Actually, there’s a picture of Miquella in a cocoon that looks like an egg (see below). Since you need to be alive to slumber, the game’s NPC Gideon Ofnir also reveals that Miquella is; he then goes on to say that “everything will be well” if Miquella continues to sleep. No one knows what would happen if he woke up, but we can guarantee it would make for great downloadable content. elden ring dlc release date.

Idea 3 – Colosseum Arenas

While all of these ideas would add to the game’s story, rumours have suggested that the game’s enigmatic colosseums could be the site of a new PvP or PvPvE region. Leyndell, Limgrave, and Caelid are three such places that players have spotted from the outside, but there may be more. Some fans and modders have found a way into the buildings, despite the fact that there is no official means to do so.

Also, a modder by the name of Sekiro Dubi has discovered two secret foes and a new Site of Grace. As pointed out by Dubi in the video included below, the names “Gladiator Large” and “Old Lion of the Arena” for the unfinished opponents make perfect sense given that these locations are mentioned in the game’s backstory as places where warriors would try themselves against beasts. elden ring dlc release date.

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