Wednesday, A Person Was Killed In Bennington, And Police Have Found Out Who Did It

BENNINGTON — On Thursday, the alleged gunman was apprehended in New York after police had identified the victim and suspected killer in a fatal shooting that occurred in Bennington on Wednesday night.

Ulysses Ivey, 39, of Bennington, was killed in the incident, according to Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette. It took place around 8 p.m. on a section of Route 9 close to a Green Mountain Power substation, west of Route 279. Ivey was declared dead on the spot.

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Known as “Face,” Elliot Russell, 46, was named as the probable shooter. He was just released from a Vermont prison and was previously from Brooklyn, New York. It is suspected that he recently assaulted and pistol-whipped a number of people in the Hoosick Falls neighbourhood of New York.

Following information about Russell’s possible location given to New York authorities by the Bennington Police, Russell was taken into custody there on Thursday afternoon. In order to expedite Russell’s extradition return to Vermont to face trial, documentation is presently being prepared, Doucette informed the Banner.

Russell is familiar with Vermont’s judicial system. He stabbed a man in front of a tavern on Main Street in Bennington, Vermont, and was found guilty in 2007 of attempted murder. Russell received a prison term of 13 to 15 years. In such instance, it’s thought that he was just just freed from custody.

At around 8:20 p.m. on Wednesday, a 911 call came in informing authorities of the incident on Route 9. Ivey had a gunshot wound when police and rescue arrived at the scene. Rescue personnel made an effort to help but were unsuccessful. Witnesses reported hearing two gunshots and saw a car leave the area extremely quickly.

Police continue to look into any potential connections between the shooter and the victim. Police did discover multiple shot casings at the area, but no firearm has been located. The inquiry is still ongoing.

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On the case, the Bennington Police Department is collaborating with the State’s Attorney’s Office for Bennington County and Homeland Security Investigations. The state of New York’s law enforcement authorities are also aiding.

According to Doucette, who spoke to the Banner, “I have never seen the degree of violence I have witnessed going on currently in Bennington throughout my tenure.” There is no doubt that this needs to be handled, both locally and statewide in Vermont. In this, Bennington is not alone. People are sick and tired of the present level of gun violence. To turn this around, the community must assist us.

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