Due To “Technical” Problems, Apple Pay Later Might Not Come Out Until 2023

lint from a pocket Maybe not till next year, Apple Pay Later will be available. According to a recent rumour, technical engineering difficulties have caused the anticipated “buy now, pay later” option, which will allow eligible US customers to split their purchases into four equal payments over six weeks, to be postponed until 2023.

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At WWDC last summer, Apple unveiled Apple Pay Later. It was planned to be either a new feature or an upgrade in iOS 16. Apple Pay Live is still not operational, though. Apple Pay Later may be introduced in spring 2023 as part of an iOS 16.4 upgrade, according to journalist Mark Gurman.

According to Gurman’s Power On Newsletter, “This makes me think that the corporation isn’t entirely clear when Apple Pay Later will be ready for launch.” “It’s possible that iOS 16.4 in the spring won’t include the feature. I’ve heard that the delays are a result of quite severe technical and engineering difficulties with the service’s rollout.”

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The Apple Wallet app will have a feature called Apple Pay Later. Users of Apple Pay who make purchases online and in apps on their iPhones and iPads will have access to it. In essence, Apple is providing users with interest-free installment loans. Nevertheless, individuals are “subject to eligibility checks and approvals,” and Apple has not made clear what exactly is included in those checks. However, there are neither fees nor interest charges while using Apple Pay Later.

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