The School Shooter Had A Gun Like An AR-15 And 600 Rounds Of Ammunition

(AP) ST. LOUIS — An AR-15-style gun and what seemed to be more than 600 rounds of ammunition were carried by the 19-year-old who killed a teacher and a 15-year-old student at a high school in St. Louis, a police official said on Tuesday.

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According to St. Louis Police Commissioner Michael Sack, Orlando Harris also left a handwritten statement explaining why he opened fire at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School on Monday. Before police shot and killed Harris in a gunfight, tenth-grader Alexzandria Bell, 61-year-old physical education instructor Jean Kuczka, and seven other students died.

Harris wrote a letter, which Sack read, lamenting his lonely life and lack of friends, family, and a girlfriend. It was “the perfect storm for a mass shooter,” according to Harris.

Sack claimed that Harris was carrying ammo on his chest and in a bag, and that extra magazines had been discarded in stairwells.

Sack remarked, “This could have been much worse.” Students were compelled to barricade doors, gather in classroom corners, leap from windows, and flee the building as a result of the attack.

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One girl claimed that she was face-to-face with the shooter before his rifle allegedly jammed, allowing her to flee. Harris reportedly said, “You are all going to die,” to the school’s students, according to many witnesses.

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