After A Tanker Truck Crash And Fire On I-95 In Delray Beach, 5 People Were Hurt, 3 Of Them Very Badly

FLORIDA’S DELRAY BEACH – Following a collision that left five people hurt, a huge fire broke out on Interstate 95 in Delray Beach on Tuesday afternoon.

Near the Atlantic Avenue exit, a tanker truck and two cars could be seen on video on fire. According to officials, the tanker truck and four passenger automobiles were among the five vehicles involved in the collision.

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Lt. Indiana Miranda of the Florida Highway Patrol claims that one of the vehicles swerved into the lane of the fuel tanker, causing the collision. The petrol truck flipped over and caught fire as a result of the collision, she claimed.

A light pole along the median wall was struck during the crash, causing it to topple over onto the southbound lanes of I-95. Two automobiles were hit by the light pole.

For a while, the highway’s entire set of lanes was closed while authorities looked into it. According to Miranda, the southbound lanes had reopened as of 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

The northbound lanes have reopened in part at 5:45 p.m.

Traffic was moving in both ways as of 10:15 p.m., although at least one lane remained shut in each direction while employees completed their work.

According to Delray Beach Fire Rescue, fuel from the truck that leaked into a storm drain started a second fire on the west side of the road.

On Tuesday in the afternoon, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue tweeted, “Traffic delays will be substantial and persist for the foreseeable future.”

As of Tuesday around 2:15 p.m., at least three of the four injured individuals were in critical condition, according to Delray Beach Fire Rescue. They were taken to Delray Medical Center by medical personnel.

According to the agency’s tweet, the fourth person was sent to Boca Raton Regional Hospital with “unknown injuries.”

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A fifth victim, according to officials, was later transferred to a local hospital. Local residents and workers claimed they could see the black smoke plume from miles away.

One individual claimed, “I could see the explosion from my house. Even after exiting onto US 1, another motorist claimed to have spent more than 30 minutes in traffic.

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