Is Troy Aikman Divorced: Is He Married?

Fans finally got to see Troy Aikman make his debut on ESPN’s Monday Night Football just last week. It was a bold step to play the first game of the season on the road. After the former Dallas Cowboys great left Fox Sports for ESPN during the offseason, football fans were understandably upset.

An ex-quarterback for the Cowboys as well as a well-known reality TV star, commentator, and publicist, he is a multi-talented American celebrity (Jerry Jones). But he kept busy on Mondays so that he could spend more time with his girls on the weekends. But what is Troy Aikman’s romantic status? Is Troy Aikman currently single? The events of Troy Aikman’s life will fascinate you. is troy aikman divorced.

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Troy Aikman Is Divorced

The former Cowboys quarterback, now in the Hall of Fame, was once well-known for his romantic exploits as much as his footballing abilities. Aikman has a reputation as Dallas’s most eligible single man. Once upon a time, Troy dated the famous actress Sandra Bullock, and subsequently he was married to Lorie Morgan.

Everything changed, though, when he met the woman who would become his wife, Rhonda Worthy. Finally, he had faith in love. When it became clear that Troy’s football career was coming to an end, he began dating Rhonda Worthey. The couple tied the knot in 2000 and were a hot item at the time, so he and his first wife Rhonda Worthey may have been trending themselves. is troy aikman divorced.

They were seen at important gatherings like the Barnstable Brown Party in a Louisville, Kentucky, private residence. They frequented the same social and sporting events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their love for one another was undeniable, and the wedding was a natural progression. Ronda and Aikman tied the knot on April 8, 2000, and they enjoyed a wonderful life together.

Alexa Maire and Jordan Ashley are their beautiful daughters. As a result, the couple decided to separate in January 2011, and on April 12 of that year, they finalised their divorce. Even though they were no longer together, the couple did a good job parenting their girls. Therefore, it is true that Troy Aikman has been divorced once and is moving on with his life. However, he hasn’t revealed who his present wife is. is troy aikman divorced.

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Who Is Troy Aikman Married To Now?

Now that he’s free and single, the famous guy can finally enjoy his life. After more than five years of being on his own, he finally found true love with Catherine, better known as “Capa.” Capa, a single mother in Dallas, operates a mobile clothing business out of a posh truck.

The businesswoman’s two kids, Luke and Val, were both in high school. It turns out that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is related to the grandmother through the mother’s side. Curiously, Troy spent the years 1989-2000 playing for the Cowboys, during which time they won three Super Bowls. So, it looks like a lot of people know each other, and that’s wonderful that the pair found each other. is troy aikman divorced.

As soon as they met, they knew they belonged together. The engagement took place in 2017 at the picturesque setting of Lake Como. Three months later, they held a small, intimate wedding in Santa Barbara, California. Even before he wed Capa, Troy kept a low profile. However, he quickly became the kind to broadcast his relationship status to the world via social media.

Two years after their marriage, the happy couple took to Instagram to express their feelings for one another. When I think of us, I think of love. Our family is the best. I wish my soul mate a joyous anniversary. Even he uses the hashtag #teamsix when talking about his family and Capa’s in social media posts. All members of the family are very close to one another, and they always stick together no matter what happens.

His four kids are all enrolled at the same private school, and he makes it a priority to help his stepsons become productive members of the varsity football team. Even before this, Troy had pondered coaching his girls but decided against it out of concern for their well-being. In an interview with GQ from 2012, he expressed a desire to “simply be Dad.” However, because of his stepsons, he will be able to coach them. is troy aikman divorced.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he coaches, on Fridays he plays, and on Thursdays and Sundays, he does play-by-play. As an added bonus, the Aikmans are an outdoorsy bunch. They have a wide range of outdoor interests. So, after the divorce, Troy Aikman finally found the one and is having the time of his life.

Troy Aikman is a happily married father of four in the year 2022. Finally, he is living the dream life he’s always had. The most up-to-date information may be found at, so bookmark it and check back frequently. To learn more about Celebrities and other forms of Entertainment, you can look here. Ask us anything you want in the comments box if you have any questions about the topic.

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