What Is An ‘Almond Mom’?: Meaning Explained In Wake Of Yolanda Hadid’s Viral Video

The proverb “a moment on the lips is forever on the hips” is a telltale sign of an almond mother. The term has gone viral in recent weeks as young people have been filling TikTok with accounts of their parents’ food restrictions and modelling of disordered eating behaviours.

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If you’re wondering why you’ve been referred to as a “almond mom,” Yolanda Hadid, ex-model and mother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, is often seen as the epitome of the “almond mom” stereotype after videos of her appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her two daughters went viral.

Gigi complained to her mother that she was “feeling so faint” after consuming “half an almond” in one scene. Yolanda suggested, “Try having a few nuts and chewing them really well.”

Yolanda attempted to mock the critics by posting a TikTok video in which she ate almonds in a variety of settings after they accused her of encouraging disordered eating among her children.

Dr. Karla Lester, a doctor and life coach based in Lincoln, Nebraska, found the film to be less than humorous.

The thought of it makes me cringe,” Lester told Newsweek. “The worst part is that her platform promotes the idea that a successful parent is one who acts like a “almond mom” by restricting their children’s freedom and staying out of their way. It’s hard not to be impressed by Gigi Hadid; she’s stunning and seemingly well-off in every way.”

However, Lester argued that the platform of an almond mom is founded on myths despite appearances to the contrary. Yolanda, she believed, was absorbing Gigi’s disordered eating into her own mental state and therefore further victimising the young girl.

The paediatrician put it this way: “What diet culture teaches us is that people say they’re pursuing health or wellness, but basically, they’re pursuing thin privilege.” Internalized bigotry and fatphobia are at the root of the problem.

Almond parent videos posted by young women have taken over TikTok. Two daughters mocked their mothers in a viral video by repeating what they called their mothers’ “poison mantras.”

Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels, said one chorus. “A fleeting kiss, a lifetime of hips. The boredom is to blame, not hunger.” A clip of one of the mothers arguing for her point of view follows.

They listened to what she had to say, “Think to yourself, “I want to eat, but then again, that won’t be as nice as how I’ll feel if I’m skinny.” The level of inspiration that entails is off the charts.”

Tyler Bender recreated her mom’s facial expressions in a Hershey’s store for another viral TikTok video. She showed him a piece of chocolate and said, “Is there a taker for the remaining portion? I’ve had enough.”

What is an ‘Almond Mom’?

“Where can I find the macros for this? Just trying to put me in your shoes is too much for me to fathom “she remarked as she inspected a huge Hershey’s kiss.

She said, “I’m full” after inhaling the scented candle’s smell. Dr. Lester added that long before she noticed the TikTok trend, she had heard many of these lines repeated in her meetings with mothers and teenagers.

Parents, she said, should avoid adopting a “controlling” attitude regarding their children’s weight.

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“In any case, you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on your child’s weight because it’s not something you have any say over. You don’t want to believe in scarcity and worry that your child would fail or never have a great life because of their size “said Lester.

She went on to advise the offspring of “almond moms” to establish some sort of barrier between themselves and their mothers, be it a physical one or one based on emotions or words.

“What I fear most is that the children will begin to internalise these ideas. Recognize that this is happening; it’s simply my mother being my mother, preoccupied with her drama and diet discussion “The doctor remarked.

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