Kevin Nash Son Cause Of Death: Passed Away At Age 26

The news that Tristen Nash, the 26-year-old son of WWE legend Kevin Nash, had passed suddenly recently came as a different kind of blow to the wrestling industry. The general consensus was that Kevin Nash wasn’t a great wrestler.

He was stronger on the mike than the mat and elevated himself by exploiting his networking talents. He also used his abilities to knock other wrestlers to the ground. Although it was infamously rough at times, his relationship with Tristen appeared to be on the mend in recent years. What is known about Tristen Nash’s cause of death is listed below. In this article we will discuss about kevin nash son cause of death.

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What Do We Know About Tristen Nash’s Cause Of Death?

Tristen Nash went away at the age of 26 yesterday, according to a tweet from Sean Ross Sapp of He wrote in the tweet that Tristen had just started producing episodes of Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast, and the two had “enjoyed their time together.” Additionally, he conveyed the request from the Nash family for their “privacy at this time” to be respected.

Tristen, who appears to have chosen a life slightly less out of the spotlight than his father, is an obscure figure. Tristen was a singer/songwriter in a band called The.Builders, whose music is presently available for streaming on bandcamp, according to Tristen’s Instagram. It has a melodious sound and is faintly reminiscent of The Promise Ring and other depressing second wave emo bands from the late ’90s. kevin nash son cause of death.

Tristen changed his Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship with Savanna Kern,” a certified massage therapist from Palm Coast, Florida, in July 2022. Tristen started referring to Savanna as his fiancée on September 12. On Facebook and Instagram, Tristen routinely shared gorgeous pictures of the two of them.

The happy couple’s most recent Instagram image was published on October 8 with the message, “the ideal companion I could have. The love of my life and an absolute genius. Savanna, I adore you so much.” kevin nash son cause of death.

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It’s Clear Tristen Nash Will Be Missed

In one of his podcast episodes, Kevin Nash discusses the night Tristen was born. The fact that Kevin would spend more time with his family contributed to his decision to quit the WWE for the WCW. “You couldn’t put a price on just that,” he continued, “even though I was still gone an s—tload.

To have half the time I had (additional) with my son. As soon as word of Tristen’s passing spread, friends’ and followers’ condolences flooded social media. Mick Foley, a renowned former professional wrestler, posted on Twitter: “Oh my God, what terrible news. My thoughts are with Kevin Nash, his loved ones, and friends. kevin nash son cause of death.

I’m hoping that comfort will come from your memories of Tristen. Tristen Nash, RIP.” Tristen’s untimely death, which occurred only a few months after that of Kevin Nash’s closest friend and fellow wrestler Scott Hall, makes this tragedy even more tragic. As if the pain wasn’t bad enough, Tristen passed away on Scott Hall’s birthday. At this time, our thoughts are with the Nash family.

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