FF16 Release Date: When Is XVI Coming Out?

Finally, a definite fact: Final Fantasy 16 is on the way. When it will be available on PC is unknown. There was briefly talk of a PC version, but that has since been removed, and Square Enix has been cagey about whether or not those of us without a PS5 will get to bash Eikons together. Since Final Fantasy 15(opens in a new tab), this is the first entirely new mainline Final Fantasy game, and it seems to feature brand new characters in a brand new setting. And from the looks of things, the tone will be something between Final Fantasy VII Redux and a Kaiju action movie. ff16 release date.

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Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

Scheduled for a summer 2023 release on PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy 16 is a long-awaited RPG. Despite the fact that PC support was highlighted in the reveal video, Square Enix has not confirmed the existence of a PC version and is instead advertising the game as a PS5 exclusive. A PC release, if it ever comes, could be a long time in coming. However, Final Fantasy 15’s PC port didn’t arrive until after that game had been out for two years. ff16 release date.

Fantasy 16 Trailer

The opening half of our most recent look at Final Fantasy 16 is a beautiful montage of flashy, dynamic fighting that is definitely toying with a lot of the same themes as the real-time battles in FF7 Remake. Our hero mops the floor with a lot of nameless knights. Seriously, there are a lot of them.

The trailer’s dialogue strongly suggests that the Dominants, those who wield the power of the gigantic Eikons (essentially reimagined versions of summons from earlier Final Fantasy games), will play a significant role in the plot. Battles between opposing Eikons appear to be a part of the action as well. In the trailer’s second half, the action escalates to the level of a gigantic monster film, with repeated views of wailing Eikons and escalating damage totals. ff16 release date.

Final Fantasy 16 Reveal Trailer

The Final Fantasy 16 reveal trailer (opens in new tab) gives us a first glimpse at the game’s overarching themes and tones, which are much darker than in any recent entry in the series. The clip reminds me of the dramatic CG teasers that Naoki Yoshida’s team created for Final Fantasy 14 DLC, which did a fantastic job of selling the action and setting the tone for the storylines.

Apparently, Joshua, a fictional prince, hires you to be his bodyguard in this video game. Names like Shiva, Phoenix, and Ifrit, which we’ve heard before in the story, are also mentioned. With so little information, it seems that the setting is the main attraction here. This time around, it is mediaeval. That’s a radical departure from Final Fantasy 15 (and the previous games in the series), which blended modern trappings like technology and cars with magic and monsters. ff16 release date.

Final Fantasy 16’s Party Members

Released combat footage primarily features Clive, the main character, in showy combat against monsters, despite Final Fantasy’s reputation for party systems with complex synergy. Producer Yoshida has stated that players will be able to bring party members into battle with them, but that they would primarily be AI-controlled so that players can focus on commanding Clive. ff16 release date.

Final Fantasy 16 Combat

Gameplay footage suggests that the Eikons will play a significant role in battle, not only as a source of magic to be used against the player character’s standard foes but also in enormous monster battles against other Eikons. In the trailer, the Eikons take damage to their own health bars while being punched by the enormous forms of classic Final Fantasy summons. ff16 release date.

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Final Fantasy 16 characters

Clive Rosfield

Names for fantasy protagonists are completely open. Clive, the player character, is the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria and the heir apparent to Phoenix’s Dominance. Clive’s younger brother succeeds him as Dominant, but at least Clive is recognized as Rosaria’s First Shield. Because of his role as the shield.

he has access to a limited amount of Phoenix’s flame and is responsible for keeping his brother safe. Square Enix state that “Clive’s flourishing career is to end in tragedy at the hands of a mysterious black Eikon, Ifrit,” which will lead Clive down a perilous path of revenge.

Joshua Rosfield

As the younger brother of Clive, Joshua is the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria. He fits the stereotype of the sensitive young man who treats those below him with kindness. Naturally, he has a great deal of respect for his older sibling. Square Enix writes that Joshua often regrets that his weaker and more bookish younger brother was not given control of the firebird’s flames instead of him.

Jill Warrick

In an effort to keep the peace between the two countries, Jill, who was born in the northern regions, was taken in as a ward when she was very young and raised there. She has grown up with the Rosfield lads and is probably as close to them as a sister would be. Square Enix said that due to her “ever kindness, graciousness, and modest nature,” Jill has earned the status of “trusted confidante” among the brothers.

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