Derek And Maria Broaddus Still Together: What Happened To The Couple?

The Broaddus children, Derek and Maria, were looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives until a mysterious stalker known only as “The Watcher” shattered their idyllic new home. When did everything go wrong, and where are they now?

The drama series The Watcher, available on Netflix, is inspired by real occurrences in the life of the Broaddus family. Derek and Maria Broaddus, together with their three children, finally got to move into the $1.3 million mansion they had been saving for since June 2014. However, they sold the house after being stalked for months and have opened up about the terrifying ordeal. derek and maria broaddus still together.

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Derek And Maria Broaddus Still Together?

It will star Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale as the real-life couple, Nora and Dean Brannock, respectively, in the upcoming Netflix series. When Derek and his family moved into their new house at 657 Boulevard, he discovered an odd note in the mailbox. The letter was supposedly written by “The Watcher,” who stated that he and his relatives had been keeping a watch on the property for quite some time.

The Broaddus family and their kids were mentioned in the frightening letter and subsequent letters. The phrase “You have children” appeared in one of the initial letters. I have actually witnessed them. I’ve counted three so far, if my memory serves me correctly. Do you plan on bringing in lots of fresh new faces like I asked for? Definitely a better option for me. derek and maria broaddus still together.

Perhaps you outgrew your previous home. When you brought me your kids, was it out of greed? In other words, once I learn their names, I may use that information to attract them to me. The identity of The Watcher remains a mystery despite a lengthy investigation that has yielded only false leads.

In 2019, the couple decided to sell their home for $400,000 less than they had originally paid. They wanted to sell it to a developer so that he could tear down the house. Before the Netflix series premiered in October 2022, Derek opened up about the devastation they’d experienced. derek and maria broaddus still together.

His family, he told The Sun, is “trying to move on,” and he warned of “a psychologically unbalanced person” in the area. Reporter Reeves Wiedeman detailed Derek’s inquiry about the letters and the house sale in a piece for The Cut. The Broaddus family reportedly requested that their attorney hand over a note to the new owners after the sale was completed.

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We hope you enjoy the same tranquility here as we did when we lived here. In case any further correspondence arrived, they also included a snapshot of The Watcher’s handwriting. To my knowledge, they haven’t done it yet.” derek and maria broaddus still together.

From what we can see, the Broadduses are still based out of Westfield, and Derek has a hard time letting go of his preoccupation with the case and its effects on his family. The Netflix version has changed the couple’s identities and made the fictional family seem very different from the real one.

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