Billie Eilish Jesse Rutherford Dating: Here What We Know

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford held hands and strolled down the street together before stopping to share a passionate kiss.

Billie Eilish appears to have made official her relationship with The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford. Recently, after more than a week of heated conjecture, Eilish made a very public gesture of affection in Los Angeles. After a romantic dinner together, Billie and Rutherford kissed.

A photo of the couple has gone viral on social media. One photo shows Eilish walking down the street with her arms slung over the singer’s shoulders, creating a tender moment between the two. Billie beamed with joy as the new couple went hand-in-hand and stopped numerous times to kiss on the way to their car, a low-key Volkswagen Beatle. billie eilish jesse rutherford dating.

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After snuggling up in a red leather booth and sharing a plate of spaghetti on Tuesday, the couple went on another date the next night. Last week, Billie and the alternative rock singer sparked relationship rumors after they were spotted at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights seemingly holding hands. Since last Friday, when a fan released a social media video appearing to show Billie and Jesse holding hands, rumours have circulated that the two are dating. billie eilish jesse rutherford dating.

Billie’s brother and co-writer Finneas posted a photo on Insta Stories from the men’s room at Universal Studios, and in it was Jesse. The fact that Billie and Jesse have an age difference of 11 years and that he may have known her when she was a minor has sparked heated debate on social media. A Jesse Rutherford fan account tweeted photos of Billie and Jesse dressed up for a party on December 18, 2017, in case you hadn’t seen them.

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Originally written on Billie’s 16th birthday when Jesse was 26 years old, the tweet has resurfaced thanks to TMZ. Billie, who is notoriously private about her relationships, and Jesse have not yet discussed her latest admirer. Meanwhile, Billie mentioned a preference to keep her romantic relationships private on Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp a few years back. I’ve had relationships that I’ve kept secret, and even the ones I’ve had, with the little that I’ve let the world see, I regret,” she said. billie eilish jesse rutherford dating.

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