The A List Season 3: Will There Be A Season 3 For A List?

The second season of “The A-List” premiered on Netflix on June 25, 2021. We’ll fill you in on where Season 3 of The A-List, a British teen thriller, currently stands. You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to teen dramas, but The A-List offers a fresh and intriguing take on the genre.

Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier manage to make something fresh out of familiar elements from the horror, survival, and fantasy canons, as well as some teen rivalry, à la Lolita despite me. The plot centers on a group of teens and their journey to the enigmatic Peregrine Island, where the dead are brought back to life.

The story begins as a mundane teen drama but quickly escalates into a nightmare where ghosts, a hidden scientific organization, a seemingly malevolent girl with enormous magical powers, and people forgetting their true identities fill the world.

Two seasons of the show have been produced since its 2018 debut, and it has since moved from the BBC (as Gentleman Jack) to Netflix. The series was well-received upon its release, with critics praising the ensemble cast, low-key atmosphere, and genre-bending plots. If the second season ended seemingly, fans must be wondering if there will be a third. If you’ve been searching high and low for information about Season 3 of The A List, we’ve compiled our thoughts here.

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The A List Season 3 Release Date

In 2021, on June 25th, everything of Season 2 of The A List was made available on Netflix. Each of the eight episodes of the second season runs between 25 and 28 minutes. Considering the BBC cancelled the show after the first season, Netflix’s (Mortel Season 2, Fargo Season 5) decision to renew the series was an impressive display of trust and daring.

For the time being, Netflix has made no comment regarding the return of the show or the release of new episodes. Since it often takes the streaming service a few months to renew a series, we won’t be able to make a definitive statement about Season 3 of The A-List for a while.

If we stick to the story, season two wraps up neatly, with only a few little plot holes remaining. In any case, the show’s unpredictability leaves the door open for a third season. Despite the lengthy post-production and visual effects work involved, the filming of the series only takes a few months. Season 3 of The A List will premiere in the summer of 2022 if Netflix picks up the show before the end of 2021.

The A List Season 3 Cast

Season 3 of The A List, hopefully, will feature returns from all of the fan-favorite cast members. Main characters played by Lisa Ambalavanar (Mia), Ellie Duckles (Amber), Rosie Dwyer (Alex), Max Lohan (Luka), Jack Kane (Zac), Savannah Baker (Kayleigh), Eleanor Bennett (Jenna), Benjamin Nugent (Harry), Georgina Sadler (Petal), and Barnaby Tobias (Dev). Since Indianna Ryan’s character Midge was resolved at the end of Season 2, her return for Season 3 is uncertain at this time.

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The A List Season 3 Trailer

Until the show’s renewal is official, watch the second season’s teaser trailer below.

The A List Season 3 Plot

Season two picks up right where season one left off, with Mia, Harry, and Petal returning to the island in an effort to save the other characters. The latter group is quarantined on Peregrine at the Lockwell Institute, the same institution where Mags works in the pilot. Season 2 also introduces Midge, who turns out to be Mia’s “blood sister” from way back when.

Mia betrays Midge yet again, and the enraged moth wreaks havoc. A pivotal scene involves the experience’s product, a girl named Amber, who switches allegiances near the end. The narrative concludes when Midge and Mia make up after being apart for a while. Animosine is shown to be the key ingredient in all unexplained occurrences.

Eventually, Alex and his companions neutralise the animosine, allowing Midge to escape. The pals had settled back into their routines in the near final stages of the season. As more and more of the island’s mysteries are exposed, Harry rises to prominence.

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