Meta Has Introduced The Quest Pro, A Virtual Reality Headset That Costs $1,500. Have We Got A Chance To Sell It?

On Tuesday, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, unveiled a high-end virtual reality headset with the expectation that its users will soon be able to use such devices for work and play in the as-yet-undiscovered “metaverse.”

The high-resolution sensors in the $1,500 Meta Quest Pro headset enable users to see a fully colored, mixed-reality experience, and the headset also features eye tracking and so-called “natural facial expressions,” which mimic the wearer’s facial movements to make their avatar appear natural when interacting with other avatars in virtual-reality settings. Once known as Facebook, the company is currently undergoing a name change as part of a corporate transformation that will, according to Meta, take years to complete.

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It aspires to develop from a social platform provider to a leading force in the emerging metaverse, a virtual reality environment that is essentially the internet brought to life (or at least rendered in 3D). Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has characterized the metaverse as an “enter” able virtual environment, meaning that users can do more than just observe it on a screen.

The company is spending billions on metaverse plans that won’t begin to yield results for several years. Some gamers are already using virtual reality headsets, but Meta is aware that this won’t be enough to make the metaverse commonplace. Therefore, it is aimed at people who work in offices or from home.

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To avoid the need for a laptop, “Meta is positioning the new Meta Quest Pro headset as an alternative to using a laptop,” said Rolf Illenberger, founder and managing director of VRdirect. However, he noted that it is still “quite a stretch” for businesses to function in the metaverse’s virtual worlds. Meta also revealed that the metaverse avatars would soon be equipped with legs, a feature that had been absent since the avatars’ introduction the year prior.

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