Two Dead After Jewellery Heist At Orlando Mall, Police Say

According to the Orlando police, the owner of the jewellery store opened fire during a heist on Friday, which resulted in the shooting deaths of two suspects who were involved in the crime.

Just before noon on Friday, officers from the Orlando Police Department rushed to the Magic Mall located on West Colonial Drive.

According to the police, there were four individuals involved in the robbery, and at least one of those individuals was armed.

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At the scene, the body of one of them was discovered. “Jewelry could be seen everywhere he looked. Jamani Lamb, a consumer, mentioned that some jewellery was still available. When the police finally arrived, the people who had been there were already gone and dead.

According to the police, the second person was taken to the hospital, where they later passed away. Both consumers and proprietors of businesses are rattled by this development.

In a conversation with WESH 2 News, a mother stated that at the very moment the shooting took place, she and her daughter were on their way to a jewellery store so that the daughter could get her necklace fixed.

People in the store started rushing and ducking for cover. “Boom! Boom! Boom! And then my parents and I hopped down, and then we walked around, and all we could see was people running,” Lamb said. “And then we saw that everyone had run.”

During the course of the heist, a man who worked as a vendor in the shopping centre claimed to have seen one of the suspects climb up on top of the counter.

“Unfortunately, one of them was shot. Behind the register, he was found dead. The other victim was driven away in a vehicle, and his body was later discovered on Tampa Avenue. He too passed away. That is to say, a theft occurred here. And the owner was armed, so he was able to defend his property,” the proprietor of the firm, Pete Lopez, stated.

The other three suspects, according to the police, drove away in a vehicle that was subsequently discovered close to the shopping centre. It is now being looked into as part of the investigation.

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It’s not like you can just go about robbing people’s jewellery stores. Lopez remarked that one could never guess what was going to take place.

As of Friday evening, there is still a lot of activity taking place at the area. Customers and merchants who were present in the shopping centre at the time of the robbery are currently being questioned by the police.

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