Cassie Carli Cause Of Death: Ex-Boyfriend Heads To Trial In Her Disappearance

A county coroner told Law&Crime on Monday that the cause and manner of death of Cassie Carli, a 37-year-old mother from Florida, are “undetermined.” St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell, in a brief phone interview with Law&Crime, declined to answer any further questions about the autopsy due to the pending nature of the case.

Her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Spanevelo, 35, is on trial for obstructing the investigation into her brief disappearance, and jury selection for his trial was set to begin today. On March 27, when they were supposed to meet to exchange custody of their young daughter, Carli vanished without a trace. Juana’s Pagodas was the meeting place in Santa Rosa County, Florida. In this article we will discuss about Cassie Carli cause of death.

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Spanevelo was allegedly paying Carli to “do some stuff around his house,” and Carli’s family reported receiving eerie texts from her phone number in which the purported sender claimed to be experiencing car trouble. When her abandoned car was discovered at the restaurant, her relatives said they discovered that her phone was missing from her purse.

Days later, authorities in Alabama—where Marcus Spanevelo had been living and working—found her body. Authorities believe Carli’s body belonged to Spanevelo and that he was buried in a shallow grave in a barn on property in the city of Springville. The Birmingham neighbourhood was Spanevelo’s home. To put it simply, he was taken into custody in the Volunteer State.

But he’s only facing charges of evidence tampering and providing false information to police during their investigation. After he provided a cheek swab, the related misdemeanour count of refusing to give a DNA sample was dismissed. Cassie Carli cause of death.

The defence for Spanevelo filed a motion on Thursday to exclude evidence of “possible kidnapping, murder, manslaughter, improper disposal of human remains,” among other possible offences.

Assistant Public Defender Nicholas M. Thomas wrote, “there is no legitimate reason why the witnesses would be unable to testify that there was an active missing person or felony criminal investigation, as stated in the Information,” without going into detail about the uncharged crimes.

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According to an April WEAR report, Spanevelo’s aunt defended his innocence. Neiva Spanevelo claimed that her nephew was framed during the investigation and characterised the whole thing as highly suspicious. “Give it some thought,” she urged.

She said he was a good father and a hard worker who spoiled his daughter. In April, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson disproved of the suspect’s innocence. Cassie Carli cause of death.

“He’s going to get his day in court,” he reportedly told WEAR. But I can say this much: The proof we have is indisputable.

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