Meta Quest Pro Release Date: VR/AR Headset

The long wait for the official release of the Meta Quest Pro is finally over. Aimed at Mixed Reality, the high-end headset was unveiled at Meta Connect 2022 and features full-color passthrough and a design optimized for a pleasant MR experience. With its new and improved design, including a thinner head-mounted display, eye and face tracking, increased performance, and improved controllers, this VR headset appears to be the most capable standalone device currently available. meta quest pro release date.

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Meta Quest Pro Release Date

After being announced at Meta Connect on the 11th, the Meta Quest Pro is now up for pre-order, with shipments beginning on the 25th of this month in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe, and other regions.

How Much Will The Meta Quest Pro Cost?

Although Meta has been upfront about the fact that the Meta Quest Pro will be more expensive than the base-level Meta Quest 2, the asking price of $399/£399 still seems high. Despite its hefty price tag of $1499/£1499/€1799, the Meta Quest Pro will ship with a charging dock, light blockers, and stylus tips (more on these in a minute).

In comparison to the Meta Quest 2, the price tag is quite a bit higher, but when stacked up against other high-end PC-powered headsets like the Vive Pro 2 (which retails for $1399/£1299), it actually represents quite a bit of bang for the buck. meta quest pro release date.

Unique features of Meta’s headset include its lack of reliance on a powerful personal computer to power the experience, as well as its facial tracking and lightweight (unless you opt for aftermarket Vive accessories).

The Meta Quest Pro will be released later this month, but you can pre-order it now from the Meta website or from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy in the United States or retailers like Amazon, Argos, and Currys in the United Kingdom. We anticipate that once the headset goes on sale, it will become available from a wider variety of popular third-party retailers.

More information on where to purchase the Meta Quest Pro can be found in a separate section, and if you want to see what else is out there in the virtual reality headset market, check out our recommendations.

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What’s New With The Meta Quest Pro

As had been speculated prior to its release, the Meta Quest Pro significantly departs from the standard Quest formula, featuring additional sensors, new functionality, and a much lighter, more compact design. What stands out the most about the Meta Quest Pro is its rethought physical design, which includes a smaller and thinner head-mounted display (HMD) compared to the Quest 2. meta quest pro release date.

This is due to the fact that a pancake optic system is used, which is a vast improvement over the Fresnel lens system used by Quest 2 and the vast majority of its competitors. Even though the HMD is smaller, the headset has improved specs such as a thinner optical module (by 40%), a higher pixel density (around 2K per eye), greater contrast (by 75%), and Mini-LED backlighting, all of which contribute to a more lifelike virtual environment with less screen door effect (screen door effect).

Meta shifted the battery to the back of the HMD so that it could be as small as possible, and the headset was designed to conform to the wearer’s head shape. This not only reduces the weight at the front of the headset, but it also prevents the headset from feeling too front-heavy, a common complaint with rival products.

Focus is placed on mixed reality, and an open periphery design is implemented to let users see their surroundings alongside the virtual reality display for a more natural, immersive experience. This is supplemented by a number of cameras mounted in the front of the headset, providing a 4x increase in detail compared to the Quest 2 and, most importantly, an entirely colour experience. meta quest pro release date

Then, you can place virtual objects on your real-world desk or even hang virtual artwork on your bedroom wall. This is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating aspects of the Quest Pro, and we can’t wait to see what people create with the more powerful tools now at their disposal.

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