Sara Lee Husband: They Celebrated Their 4th-Anniversary Last Year

Lee participated in the sixth season of the show and, as a reward for his victory, was awarded a one-year deal with the WWE network. After some time, she became well-known among those involved in indie wrestling. The news of her demise was shared by her mother on Facebook on Thursday (October 6), the day after she passed away.

It has not yet been determined what caused the death. While fans of wrestling pay respect online to Sara Lee, others are interested in learning more about her husband Cory, who is also well-known in the world of wrestling.

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Sara Lee Husband Cory Was Also A Part Of the WWE

Fans of WWE know Cory better by his ring name, Wesley Blake, which he adopted after signing a contract with the professional wrestling business in 2013. According to Wrestling Inc., the wrestler, who is now 35 years old and is from San Marcos, Texas, had been a member of WWE for eight years prior to his departure from the wrestling network in April of the previous year.

Since then, Cory has made appearances all over the indie wrestling circuit, including the newly formed wrestling organization CYN (Control Your Narrative), which, according to The Mix, is the brainchild of fellow former WWE star EC3. Additionally, he has been featured in Pro Wrestling Revolver, and he made his debut with All Elite Wrestling earlier this summer in the month of August.

They Celebrated Their 4th-Anniversary Last Year

In 2017, Sara Lee and her husband Cory exchanged vows in front of family and friends, and in December 2018, they celebrated four years of marriage. Both Sara and Cory marked the occasion of their anniversary on Instagram by publishing posts in which they paid tribute to one another and thanked followers for their support.

During that time, Sara reflected on her and her husband’s first dance by posting a throwback photo of the two of them together from the big day. She exclaimed in the caption, “4 years ago today, we danced to Kiss From a Rose for our first dance, and you had Eddie put a rose in my mouth on the fly.”

She was referring to the day of their wedding. The couple enjoyed their first dance to the song “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal, which was featured in the video that was embedded in Cory’s post. The movie included snapshots from both their wedding and from throughout their relationship.

In addition to the endearing post, he included the following message: “If I could choose one day to relive, it would be this day four years ago. The most important day of my life.” The couple ultimately welcomed three little ones into the world: two sons and a daughter. In July of the previous year, they became parents to their youngest son.

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Fans Send Tributes Sent To Sara Lee Husband And Family

Fans of the wrestler couple have taken to social media in droves to express their condolences to Sara Lee’s family as well as to her husband, Cory, following the passing of Sara Lee. One fan took to Twitter to pay respect to the former WWE star, writing, “Rest in Peace to Sara Lee, praying for her young children and husband.

” Someone else continued, “Rest in peace, Sara Lee. At the moment, my thoughts are going to her little children as well as her husband. How heartbreaking and unanticipated! A third person expressed their sorrow by saying, “May Sara Lee rest in peace, and my condolences go out to her husband, children, and all of her other friends and family.” I can only image how difficult things are for them right now, and it breaks my heart to think about it.

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