Street Fighter 6 Release Date: Is There Gonna Be A Street Fighter 6?

After a long hiatus, Street Fighter finally returns with Street Fighter 6, featuring a brand new visual style and the return of fan favourites like Ryu and Chun-Li, along with other familiar faces and some newcomers. Timely, too, as this year marks 35 years of the Street Fighter series and marks the beginning of its inevitable resurrection (Street Fighter 5 launched more than six years ago in 2016).

Are you curious? Need to know if Street Fighter 6 is coming to your favourite console? Between now and the release, Capcom will be releasing a plethora of new details. Here is the current status of our understanding and what you can anticipate. In this article we will discuss about street fighter 6 release date and many more things related to it.

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Street Fighter 6 Release Date

We don’t have an official release date for Street Fighter 6 release date but Capcom has given us a general sense of when to anticipate it. A new teaser for Street Fighter 6 was shown during Sony’s June 2022 State of Play, and it was stated that the game would be released in the summer of 2023.

Street Fighter Season 6 Platform

In contrast to Street Fighter 5, the next instalment in this series will be available on multiple platforms. The release of Street Fighter 6 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC all at once is wonderful news for Xbox players who missed out on the last instalment.

Street Fighter Season 6 Trailer

After a short countdown in February 2022, Capcom unveiled the official announcement trailer for Street Fighter 6, which featured a pose-off between Ryu and Luke before their inevitable showdown. There were a few things in the trailer that made it stand out to die-hard fans of the series:

  • The trailer focuses heavily on Luke, a new character. It’s possible that’s misleading, considering he didn’t join the roster until late in 2021, as part of one of the game’s final patches. But the DLCs have focused heavily on Luke, setting him up for future involvement in Street Fighter, perhaps in a significant plot. The likelihood of that happening has increased, but don’t worry; Ken and the gang will still be around for liftoff. street fighter 6 release date

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  • It’s not obvious if the trailer’s graphics are indicative of the graphics that will be in gameplay (there looked to be somewhat too much detail, but it’s possible), but either way, it signals a change.
  • The ink-brush aesthetic that typified many prior entries has been replaced by more realistic models, and Ryu has grown older (and bearded, a look Capcom has explored before). Sony gave us our next peek at Street Fighter 6 in their June 2022 State of Play, and the hip-hop, neon, street-art aesthetics are immediately apparent. street fighter 6 release date.
  •  It showcases a few playable characters—including returning fan favourites like Chun-Li and Ryu—but the real show-stopper is the open-world World Tour mode set in Metro City. There are short snippets of character introductions before a fight, as well as some actions, combos, and specials in combat (but no HUD has been revealed as of yet).
  • After the State of the Play, the first character reveals trailer for Street Fighter 6: Guile, whose theme music seems to go with anything, was shown at the 2022 Summer Game Fest. A revitalised Guile, sporting a full beard, faces off against Luke and Ryu on his signature airship arena. He performs the Flash Kick and Sonic Boom that made him famous, along with a number of other techniques and a super, before wrapping up the bout and rearranging his hair. street fighter 6 release date.

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