Google Starts Rolling Out Widgets For IOS 16 Lock Screen

In New Delhi: Popular programs like Gmail and Google News are among the Google widgets that have begun to roll out for the iOS 16 Lock Screen. Google had also announced the rollout of new features that will let users place widgets directly on their iPhones’ lock screen in conjunction with Apple’s release of iOS 16.

Users of Google can now add widgets for popular apps like Gmail and Google News to their Lock Screens, but widgets for Search, Maps, and Calendar have not yet been released. The new Gmail widget is available in inline, rectangular, and all three sizes.

The inline widget appears above as a line of text, while the first two are intended to be placed below the clock on the Lock Screen, according to The Verge. The Google News widget adds a rectangular widget with condensed headlines to the Lock Screen.

The company previously stated that it would assist users in customizing the Lock Screen once iOS 16 was released. When you pick up your phone, the first thing you see is your lock screen, and many Google apps will soon have lock screen widgets.

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You’ll be able to unlock your device so you can quickly access your favourite Google features, and you’ll even be able to see some updates on your Lock Screen, according to the company.

Users will receive real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times to locations like home and work right on their lock screen with the Maps Frequent Trips widget. By tapping the Maps Search widget, they can also find their favourite nearby eateries, stores, and other destinations.

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