Are Madelyn And Chase Still Together: Are Outer Banks Stars Together?

Fans of Outer Banks have been eagerly awaiting any news on season three, but there is one aspect of the show that they may not want an update on. That aspect is the relationship status of Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, who, despite fans’ hopes that they will reconcile on set, are still very much in a “broken up” status.

Despite the fact that they make believable on-screen love interests, the two appear to have a more rocky relationship away from the camera. The two people appeared to have parted ways in October 2021, but now, over a year later, we are still interested in where they are (for example, are they even friends at this point?)

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This is especially true considering that production on the third season of Outer Banks has just come to a conclusion. Possibly at this point, all of the romance rumors are just wishful thinking on the part of their sad fans…especially after Madelyn went frank about what it was like to work with her “ex” in season three of the show. In this article we will discuss are Madelyn and chase still together and many more things related to it.

Are Madelyn And Chase Still Together?

Despite everyone’s anticipation that they would get back together on the set of OBX season three, it appears that the couple is still very much not back together at this point… Fans, on the other hand, were given a brief glimmer of optimism after they discovered a rare display of public affection between the two of them in the Instagram post that Chase made announcing the return of the Pogues (and which appears to have since been removed). As everyone is interested to know are madelyn and chase still together.

Chase reconnected with his former bandmates in the Pogues and uploaded a picture of the get-together on Instagram with the comment “welcome back (:)” despite the fact that this is a very adorable photo of the group, we couldn’t help but focus our attention on Madelyn and Chase because they are holding hands.

Fans flew into a frenzy, as you might guess, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that they are (as far as we know) still an on-screen pair in situations like these. Therefore, it is more plausible that their characters, John B. and Sarah Cameron, were the ones seen holding hands in the picture. *cry* are madelyn and chase still together.

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Is Madelyn Cline Dating Someone Else?

Fans have theorized that the OBX star went on to date Zack Bia after she ended her relationship with Chase; however, the DJ has refuted these rumours. “We are not dating at this time. When asked if he and Madelyn were more than friends, Zack responded, “We hang out all the time,” on an episode of the BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast on January 13, 2022.

The program was hosted by Dave and Josh. In recent times, stories have circulated alleging that Madelyn Cline is involved in a romantic relationship with Jackson Guthy, who formerly dated Olivia Jade Giannulli. A video that was uploaded to Tiktok in late May 2022 and quickly went viral showed the Outer Banks celebrity supposedly going to a wedding with Jackson as her date. According to what is written in the caption, “He’s a singer and also Olivia Jade’s ex.”

“I wonder if he and Madelyn are more than just friends or if they’re a thing!” Soon after the video on Tiktok went viral, the Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi weighed in on the rumors of a romantic relationship between Madelyn Cline and Jackson Guthy. The account shared an anonymous tip via Instagram stories that read, “I have it on very good authority that Madelyn Cline is dating Jackson Guthy.”

The subject line of the message read, “Wedding images were a tip-off,” and it was also shown in the post. As the allegations continued to circulate, the two were reportedly spotted having lunch together in Malibu, which added fuel to the fire. Neither the actress from Outer Banks nor the musician has commented on the relationship rumors that have been circulating. are Madelyn and chase still together.

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