Dont Breathe 3: How Scary Is Don’t Breathe?

If you want to describe a horror movie, don’t use the words “best” and “safe” together. Harrowing horror movies leave viewers wondering how they got sucked into the madness in the first place. Nightmares can persist long after the end credits of a horror film. A spine-tingling adventure that will give you a healthy dose of adrenaline awaits you if the horror film contains even a dash of thrill. Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe is an example of a film that combines the two styles. In this article we will discuss about everything related to dont breathe 3.

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Dont Breathe 3 Expected Plot

No details about the sequel’s plot have been revealed. The story can go in any number of directions. Expect Rocky to return to Detroit to put an end to Norman Nordstrom once and for all, avenging the deaths of her friends Money and Alex. Another home invasion in Detroit that Norman has to deal with on his own could be a plot point. Phoenix’s life could become much more central as she steps in to care for Detroit in Norman’s absence.

Dont Breathe 3 Expected Cast

In case the producers do decide to bring Rocky back for a second installment, Jane Levy could reprise her role as the title character. It’s hard to picture anyone but Stephen Lang in the role of Norman Nordstrom (The Blind Man), but if the filmmakers decide to depict him as dead, that possibility disappears. Madelyn Grace will return as Phoenix, Norman’s adopted daughter, but the rest of the cast for the sequel should be brand new.

Dont Breathe 3 Release Date

The movie’s premiere date has not been set in stone. It took the production team 5 years to make Don’t Breathe 2. The third installment, however, is reportedly already in pre-production. A third installment of the Don’t Breathe franchise is planned, and if all goes well (which seems unlikely given the current coronavirus situation), it could hit theatres in August of 2023. dont breathe 3.

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After Part 2 of the Don’t Breathe franchise was met with mixed reviews, many people thought that was it for the series. Fede Alvarez, the film’s director and producer, recently shocked audiences by announcing a third installment of The Blind Man. In the film’s opening sequence, Norman is shown to be a vengeful, cruel old man who brutally murders the intruders.

People started thinking of Norman as evil because of this. The second installment, however, aimed to change the audience’s impression of Norman by portraying him as a caring, older man who takes excellent care of Phoenix, his adopted daughter and will go to any lengths to make sure she is safe.

The audience was divided on how they felt about Norman because of his contrasting personality. Is the sequel going to be the series’ savior or its ultimate undoing? The future holds the answer. Do not leave until you have heard further developments.

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