Overlord Season 4 Episode 13 Release Date: Is Season 4 Ever Coming Out?

Since the release of episode 12 of season 4, fans have been anticipating the arrival of episode 13. Fans are eager to see the season finale because they want to know how the war between the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Re-Estize Kingdom ends. Overlord’s unpredictability has been a constant throughout the series. Because of this potential surprise plot twist, viewers are left wondering what will happen in the season finale now that the adventure groups Red Drop and Black Scripture have been introduced. In this article, we will discuss overlord season 4 episode 13 release date and many more things related to it.

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Overlord Season 4 Episode 13 Release Date

Episode 13 of Season 4 of Overlord is titled “The Witch of the Falling Kingdom,” and it will premiere on September 27, 2022, at 10 p.m. JST. Different time zones will see the release at different times. This anime will be streamed on Amazon Prime Germany, Crunchyroll, and Ani-One Asia (for members only). Season 4 of Overlord lasted for 13 episodes, so the next one will be the series finale. overlord season 4 episode 13 release date.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 6 am PDT Central Daylight Time: 8 am
  • CDTEastern Daylight Time: 9 am EDT British Standard Time: 2 pm
  • BSTIndian Standard Time: 6:30 pm IST Central European Summer
  • Time: 3 pm CESTAustralian Central Daylight Time: 8:30 pm
  • ACDTPhilippines Time: 9 pm PHT
  • Overlord Season 4 Episode 13 Expectations

Following Ainz as he enters the royal capital to deal the final blow to the Re-Estize Kingdom, season 4 episode 13 of Overlord is titled The witch of the Falling kingdom. From what we saw in the trailer, he seems more than willing to slaughter the locals and reduce the city to rubble and graves.

He proposes punishing the Re-Estize Kingdom appropriately for the disastrous decision they made. But he will give those who serve him and the Sorcerer Kingdom a fair reward. Meanwhile, Climb will begin to have doubts about the inevitable fate that awaits the Re-Estize Kingdom.

He feels bad that the kingdom and its goodhearted princess, Renner, are in danger. All he wants is for her to get away from there and be happy. But because she has stayed and done her part, he will probably stay and protect her as well.

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What Happened Last Time?

Ainz decided to lose again to Riku Aganeia in Overlord season 4, episode 12 titled “Invasion of the Royal Capital.” The Dragon Lord might let his guard down around the Sorcerer King if he sees this. Knowing Riku Aganeia’s abilities were crucial for Ainz’s future plans because he was still a mystery.

Back in the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Blue Rose members ambushed Lakyus in an attempt to hypnotize and abduct their leader. Princess Renner, Climb, and Brain Unglaus, however, remained to carry out their obligations. Aura led her beasts towards the Magical Guild in the royal capital, while Cocytus led his troops straight for the palace.

overlord season 4 episode 13 release date

Along the way, they ran into Brain Unglaus, who had challenged Cocytus to a duel in preparation for a potential showdown with the Sorcerer King. As for Cocytus, he only needed one blow to put an end to the conflict. Cocytus was the only one of the Floor Guardians to show any sign of respect for Brain Unglaus’ resolve to try to fight him. He went around him, continuing his march to the palace, but he kept his sword as a trophy. As after the previous season, everyone is excited for the overlord season 4 episode 13 release date.

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