Chloe Lukasiak Girlfriend: How Did They Both Meet?

In the United States, Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak (born May 25, 2001) is known as an actress, dancer, and reality show star. As a youngster, she became a household name after appearing in Seasons 1 through 4 of the Dance Moms reality series on Lifetime. She returned in the middle of the seventh season. Lukasiak is now primarily known for her acting roles rather than her dancing ones.

She has appeared in several films, including Center Stage: On Pointe (2016) as Gwen Murphy, Loophole (2017) as Alexandra “Lexi” Smith, A Cowgirl’s Story (2017) as Savanah Stocker, F.R.E.D.I. (2018) as Mallory, Next Level (2019) as Jasmine Joel, Beautiful Scars (2020) as Ashley, and Camp Arrowhead (2017) as Devin Dupree (2020). She has over 14 million followers across various social media sites, including over 7 million on Instagram alone. In this article, we will discuss Chloe Lukasiak Girlfriend.

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Chloe Lukasiak Girlfriend?

On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, Lukasiak posted a photo on Instagram confirming her relationship with Khoury. The caption read, “Our first anniversary was just a few weeks ago.” Having you as a companion makes each day an adventure, and I’ll be forever thankful for the fateful October afternoon that led us to each other.

Lukasiak wrote to the couple, “You are a walking, vivid beam of sunlight, and you illuminate the whole world.” I just can’t get enough of watching you skate, hearing your laugh and reading about the wonderful people you met and the good times you had that day. You are the sole reason I smile every day. As everyone wants  to know who is Chloe Lukasiak Girlfriend?

I can’t help but fall head over heels for you. Khoury replied, “I adore you, and the endless enjoyment you provide me daily.” Fans had already been wondering if Chloe and Brooklinn were dating after seeing a series of cute photos of them together on Instagram. Chloe’s most recent Instagram post, from October 7, 2021, featured Brooklinn; the two of them were shown laughing and holding hands in a garden overlooking the ocean.

Chloe, who has 6.5 million Instagram followers, posted two photos, the second of which shows the couple in a bear hug. Fans have speculated that she is in a relationship with her boyfriend because she rarely posts images of herself with friends or family on Instagram. Her admirers said the images demonstrated “more than simply pals.” She posted one of the images to her own Instagram with the caption “My favorite human.” In the thread’s comment section, Chloe referred to her as “my angel.” Chloe Lukasiak Girlfriend.

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Who Is Brooklinn Khoury?

Khoury is an American skater who is 22 years old and from Southern California. Given that she is a self-taught skateboarder who only got her start in 2016, the Los Angeles skate shop Brooklyn Projects was given her name. After being attacked by a pit bull in Arizona while visiting family with her boyfriend in November 2020, Khoury courageously spoke out about her ordeal.

“I was assaulted by a dog,” she said in an interview. He ripped my upper lip and a chunk of my nose off of me, and they are both gone now. A hospital was where I ended up after that. My lip had to be kept on ice for eight hours before I could go into surgery at nine o’clock at night. She told People that she and Lukasiak had gone out for coffee and pumpkin carving together just days before the attack took place. As everyone is interested to know who is Chloe Lukasiak Girlfriend.

Khoury claims that after the incident with the police officer, she “felt so deeply” for Lukasiak and worried about their future together. The thought crossed my mind, “What if she no longer finds me attractive?” In January of 2021, Khoury posted a photo of her injured lips, which she later deleted.

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