How To Unlock Super Saiyan God In Xenoverse 2?: How To Get It

Fighting game with role-playing components; this is what Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is all about. You have the option of creating your own unique avatar from scratch or choosing one that has already been created for you when the game begins. At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to select a race for your character.

Regardless of the race, you select, you will still be able to advance to the Super Saiyan God form. You’re going to need some companions for that endeavor. The Super Saiyan God Awakened Skill provides you with a more powerful attack as well as tremendous speed once you have it. Despite the fact that this ability is named after the Saiyans, it is possible to advance to this form regardless of the race you play as. You will need to carry out these procedures in order to gain access to this ability. In this article, we will discuss How To Unlock Super Saiyan God In Xenoverse 2?

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How To Unlock Super Saiyan God In Xenoverse 2?

1. Summon Shenron

Locating Shenron should be the first order of business. Your wish to advance to the level of Super Saiyan God will be granted if you defeat this mystical dragon. However, in order to accomplish it, you will need to gather seven dragon balls. Following that, the dragon will grant you one wish. You have the option of dressing up more, having a full stomach, using the new Ultimate Attack, and other options. After making the decision to become a Super Saiyan God, the next step is to strengthen your bonds of friendship with a number of well-known Dragon Ball Z characters. First step of How To Unlock Super Saiyan God In Xenoverse 2?

2. Max out five friendships

You need to have the highest level of friendship with Gohan and Videl, Goku, Gotenks, Pan, and Vegeta in order to transform into Super Saiyan God. Visiting Infinite History, which can be found in the Time Nest, is the most efficient approach to accomplish that goal. There, you’ll have to complete several quests more than once. You will need to perform that procedure a number of times for each character before you can reach the maximum level of friendship in the game. Second step of How To Unlock Super Saiyan God In Xenoverse 2?

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3. Find Beerus

Once you get the maximum amount of pals, you should head to Orange Star High School and look for instructor Beerus, who is the God of Destruction. He will grant you your makeover after you have a cordial conversation with him. After you have finished the Buu Saga portion of the main story, he will give you permission to speak to him.

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