Is Nia Long Still Dating Ime Udoka: Is Udoka Still With Nia Long?


Nia Long, a star in Los Angeles, has been engaged to her fiancé, the former Ime Udoka, for some time now. As she has stated in the past, “love is complicated.” The following is an overview of the couple’s history together as well as the length of time that Nia Long has been engaged to Ime Udoka. Nia Long has been completely open and honest about her feelings towards marriage and love in general.

She raved about how complicated love is in an interview by saying, “Let’s just start there. And then you begin a marriage, which is something I’ve never done since I’ve never been married. And there’s a good reason for it: I’m not sure whether I have to say “I do” to convince you that I love you if I don’t sign a marriage license first.

But on the other hand, what exactly does it mean for us to be married… that you will now own me and I will own you? What part of that don’t you understand? In this article we will discuss is nia long still dating ime udoka and many more other things.

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Is Nia long Still Dating Ime Udoka

According to People, Nia Long and Ime Udoka began their stunning romance in 2010, when they were introduced to one another by a third party who had a common friend. After dating for a year, the actress from “Fatal Affair” and the ex-basketball player finally became parents to their first child, a son named Kez Udoka. After dating each other for five years, Nia Long and Ime Udoka announced their engagement in 2015. As of the year 2022, they will have been married for a total of seven years. As everyone is interested to know is nia long still dating ime udoka?


Nia has been completely honest about her feelings about the institution of marriage. In response to a question from Essence regarding her views on marriage, Nia responded, “I understand the religious aspect of marriage.” That is breathtaking, and it is magical, and it is wonderful, and it is every girl’s goal to experience something like that at some point in her life.

However, I’m not sure that I require it in order to believe that I’m in a relationship that’s productive. Nia has stated in the past that the title of “husband and wife” is not the most essential thing to her because “we’re happy, I’m happy, and the kids are fantastic,” as she said to the publication earlier.

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Nia Long made her debut in the Hollywood film industry in the year 1990, and ever since then, she has appeared in over 70 movies and 25 television episodes spanning a variety of genres.

The phenomenal work that the 51-year-old actress has done in films like “The Best Man” and “The Best Man Holiday” as well as dramas like “Third Watch” has earned her multiple awards, including a Black Reel Award, three NAACP Image Awards, an American Black Film Festival Award, BET Comedy Awards, and BET Awards.

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